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Buddha Bunz dryer balls are made from 100% wool hand spun into a ball and scented with essential oils (or Fragrance Oils) then hand needle felted with designs or multi-colored swirls on the outside. You can also choose to get undyed and unscented for the maximum discount and fastest shipping. Or undyed and scented… you have lots of choices here!

These dryer balls are the all natural alternative to plastic PVC dryer balls.

Want to know more? What do these things do anyway?…
Wool dryer balls cut down on dry time and make your clothes softer

**They do a little for static, not as much as a fabric static sheet, but the amount of static in your laundry may go down.**

They are approx. 9″ in circumfrence, but sizes may vary because these are made by hand. And they are very hearty, they don’t skimp on quality, these balls are heavy… if they weren’t heavy they wouldn’t do anything for your laundry and just get tossed around like the rest of your clothes… not these… they get tossed around and against clothes and diapers like dryer balls should.

They are perfect for use on your babies clothes, cloth diapers and everyday laundry. Simply throw in the dryer with your wet clothes and go!

Doing the math: The average person cut off 1/4 of their dry time on large loads and 1/2 on small loads… (this is with using 4 dryer balls at one time).

For large loads the average US price to run a dryer for 90 minutes (the average dryer cycle time) is $1.02, that means our dryer balls save you $.26 per 90 minutes of dry time on large loads!!! It doesn’t seem like much, but since our dryer balls last a lifetime you will make your money back in savings for sure! It would take an average of 27 dries for one dryer ball to pay for itself… and keep in mind this is calculated on an average of a large load of laundry.

If we do the math for a small load of laundry like diapers, and the time is cut in 1/2 that means our dryer balls are saving you $.51 per load and will pay for themselves in 14 dries!

Now for a little story on why you should BUY Buddha Bunz dryer balls. I tried to make my own. I am a DIY kinda gal, and thrifty. I got instructions online, bought some wool yarn, and starting rolling, and rolling, and rolling. Making these is a labor of love, but it wasn’t for me. I got 2 made, which took me weeks of rolling whenever the mood struck me. I tied them up into panty hose and started to felt them. When I opened my washer, guess what greeted me? An entire drum full of felted and half felted strings of yarn!!! Somehow, my panty hose can untied, releasing one of the balls.

If you are so inclined, so make your own. But, for people like me who are incompetent, send your money to WAHM made items like Buddha Bunz. Plus, you can’t beat the adorable designs!

Want to win 4 undyed Buddha Bunz dryer balls of your own with your choice of scent or unscented.

First, go over to Buddha Bunz’s store and leave a comment telling me what you like most about her dryer balls. This can be about style, use, etc.
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