Breastfeeding Revolution: Join the Virtual Breastfeeding Summit

Recently I had the chance to be involved in a virtual breastfeeding summit started by Christine Miskinis, a healthy-mama expert, that brings together 21 Mama and Baby experts to talk frankly about breastfeeding on video.  Breastfeeding Revolution: Discover the Secrets to the art of Blissful Breastfeeding is a way to sit down “face to face” with these experts and additional special guests to learn more.

Being invited to speak was very flattering and I’m always happy to share with others more about my breastfeeding journey with Fletcher and how we battled a bad latch and overcame using a nipple shield, and Everett, who was born tongue-tied and had a dairy intolerance.  Just 2 months shy of 3 years old and he is still nursing.  I’ll be speaking about all of our trials and triumphs, and there are so many others doing the same during this one-of-a-kind series.

Christine interviewed Mama Baby Love on Day 1
Christine interviewed Mama Baby Love on Day 1

This unique interview series will specifically support you to:

  • Create a plan during pregnancy for Breastfeeding Success
  • Beat the unexpected booby traps that come along with breastfeeding
  • Create a joyful breastfeeding experience with your newborn
  • Understand the challenges and solutions that breastfeeding mamas face so you can make informed decisions
  • Receive the support you require in postpartum to establish your breastfeeding relationship

and much more…

This event started yesterday!  To start being notified via email each day when a new interview is posted you will need to sign-up here.  I hope you’ll consider signing up and I wish everyone the best of luck on their breastfeeding journey.  It looks like my interview will air on September 1 so keep an eye out!

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  • Jessica

    Thank you for posting about this, I am going to check it out. I am very put off and apprehensive about BF groups lately, I don’t like the “IN your face” “Are you Mom enough” breast feeding nazis but I do want to know my rights breastfeed in public without fear when needed and I am really very scared to be associated with the “Lactivists movement” I would love to spread and hear about passive “its no big deal” “do what you need to and get on with your life type stuff” Anytime I express this sentiment, I get blasted like I am saying “cover up” or “you are indecent” I dont know what I want to do know its very hard to get excited about when so many people dont seem to mind that perhaps some women would like to know their rights and get support to just breastfeed for a year or so and be left alone while doing it in public without being associated with a militant mom movement. I am infact scared to post this comment out of fear of back last! WHAT SHOULD I DO??

    • kimrosas

      There is no reason you can’t breastfeed without becoming a lactivist or getting involved with those who are. And as for public breastfeeding, I don’t think that the general public equates NIP with a feminist movement or the lactivist one. In fact, I would guess most people have no idea what a lactivist is unless they are moms who have perused online mommy message boards. You just do what you are comfortable with and what works for you and your baby, even if that means finding a quiet place to nurse when you need to, or using a cover, or not. And nursing for as long as you want. These interviews just express the experiences of other mothers, though I’m sure many involved would fall into that “lactivist” camp that doesn’t mean they don’t have sound advice to give and that you can’t learn from their experience. I hope that helps a bit.

      • Jessica

        that is true I guess most people dont know anything about the online Mommy community. I sometimes assume that people read time magazine or watch the news, and so unfortunately it goes that most people see the celebrity obsessed media as news so I guess that you are right. I really dont want to hall around so much junk (bottles and coolers and that) but I also dont want to wrap my baby up like a mummy to feed. We dont live in a country run by Sharia Law and I dont feel like I should have to eat with a scarf on my head why should he? Right? Hopefully I won encounter any problems in my daily life! Hopefully if I do there is a large BF community in Orlando and Online that will have my back! I am recently (over the weekend) been very impressed with the Celeb obsessed TMZ and others that have given props to women Like selma Blair and Maggie Gyllenhaal for breastfeeding (during the course of the show their produces have all said that they are in favor of women breastfeeding and are hoping to organize one of their bus tours for Bf moms only) they also were disgusted when another celebrity stated that her breasts were sexual and bfing was insestuous. THey called her an ignorant idiot! I like these famous women who look like real people just normally going about their day. I am sad that they are constantly harassed by paparazzi but hats off to them for normalizing something that should not be noticed or questioned!

    • Idigia

      I constantly find myself in the same place as you. On one hand, I got greatly offended when my mom suggested me nursing in the bathroom during my sister’s wedding reception, on the other, my friend deliberately showing off her nursing sessions with her almost 3 yearold that does not drink anything else bothers me a lot. The important thing is for you to act as you go, to do what feels right and be comfortable with it. You’ll find the right balance for your own situation.

  • Heather

    @kimrosas:disqus I signed in but don’t see anything besides the video asking us to share. Will the interviews be there?

    • kimrosas

      Heather- if you signed up after her email this morning you won’t see anything until tomorrow. It is a litlte bit confusing but check then. Also, if you have gmail it will go to your “promotions” tab like my emails do. :/