Bravado Embellished Microfiber Nursing Bra Review and Giveaway *closed*

im_logoBravado was a brand I knew long before I tried it. The reason I never bought a bra from them was simple. I am cheap. When I bought nursing bras they were from Target or maybe a maternity store. And they all sucked. I lusted after Bravado bras because I had heard the reviews. My wallet always got shy when I was at a store carrying them.

Then I had the opportunity to review the Embellished Microfiber Nursing Bra. Hurray! I was so excited about this. Even more exciting was the fact that Melissa from Bravado was going to help me find out my true bra size. None of my nursing bras fit correctly and I knew it. I did get fitted 2 months prior to our email fitting however the bra I got didn’t fit well either. Until this moment I was resigned to never have a good fitting bra while nursing.

Over emails and after having my husband measure me according to Bravado’s online instructions, we came to a size. 32 D! I had been measured before as a 36 B! What a difference. I was actually skeptical that once I got the bra that it would fit. I was measure in person for the 36 B, but measured by my husband and the size was calculated by someone over email.

The day came that my new Bravado bra made it to my home. I ripped open the package and tried it on. It was a perfect fit! I was blown away at the difference in not only the look of my breasts in the bra (perkiness, smoothness, etc) but the superior comfort. There was no cup spillage (something I mentioned during the “fitting” that I was accustomed to. Many times with other bras I would spill completely out, and I was always checking on the girls. This bra held me in even after jumping!

SAS-Enchanted-170x200SAS-Clip-170x200Bravado has their signature “B” nursing clips. They were slightly different than those I was used to. I had to push my thumb under the clip to release it.  It isn’t any harder, but my old way of releasing my clips didn’t work as easily. After I figured that out it was a breeze to undo the clip and nurse my son.  The best part is that they lay flat, so you won’t see pointy clips under your clothing.

Some people love full support under the cup, but I prefer the open style of Bravado bras. I always had issued with the frame shifting, so when I undid the clip I had to puch my breast through the opening. This was also probably due to having the wrong size also.

The material is super soft. The outside layer is microfiber and the inner lining is a soft cotton. This is said to be best for early nursing mothers also. The bra I reviewed had no underwire, another recommendation for new nursing mothers since the underwire could affect supply. I don’t dislike or like underwire. The bra had enough support without that I didn’t miss it.

I have had this bra for a few months and it has washed and worn beautifully. I have been using it and another version which I bought from A Mother’s Boutique pretty much exclusively since I got it. Every time they are both dirty (a rarity since I rely on them so heavily) I am so sad when I have to put on my ill fitting bras. I have hand washed my bra before to make sure I would have it for the next day!

One thing this review has taught me is that there are some things you want to spend money on. I used to believe bras and panties were just throw away items. But since nursing I discovered you NEED a comfortable fitting bra. I feel so much better in my Bravado nursing bra. My breasts look better, and I am just more comfortable. I don’t have to check for spillage anymore either. I will be keeping my eyes out for Bravado sales to up my wardrobe.

Sadly, I moved recently and lost the bra I purchased. It is probably in the mess somewhere, I hope!

So thanks to Bravado for letting me review this item. If you can’t tell, it is one of my favorite items I have ever reviewed. If you are pregnant and plan to nurse you should consider Bravado for your bra needs. If you are currently nursing and haven’t tried them yet, please do!

Fortunately, Bravado is offering one of my readers the chance to win an Embellished Microfiber Nursing Bra. (LUCKY!)

*giveaway is closed*

Giveaway ends on December 28. Winner will be chosen using If the winner does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.

***Open to US and Canadian Residents!***  I was not paid to perform this review however the sample bra sent for review was free of charge.

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