BLOOPER REEL- My Everything but Cloth Diapers Outtakes

I filmed hours worth of footage for my accessories series “Everything but Cloth Diapers” and it boiled down to a solid 30 minutes of useable footage.

Why do I have hours? Because- I’m not a robot and will mess up. That, and I have kids. Kids who won’t nap. Kids who are with me almost every waking hour of every day. Kids who walk in while I’m filming, or hollar for food, or who hate their lives and want to scream while I’m filming.  I try to schedule filming when they would nap but that didn’t work.  I try to do it while they are having “quiet time” but that never works either.  The lighting isn’t good enough to film after 7 when my husband is home so I do my best and cut the interruptions.  These videos were filmed over the course of about 4 weeks so while it might sound like I ignored my kids for hours a day I promise you I didn’t!  I spread it out.  Two videos were filmed on the weekend and I made my husband watch them but their yelling was still audible while filming.

Then a few malfunctions happened- like the drying rack that was broken. It gave me one heck of a time when I tried to close it back. And the time I filmed 3 segments while my zipper was down. Or the entire portion I filmed that was out of focus.

Enjoy this funny look at my mistakes. I roll my eyes, a lot. I promise I love my kids but they were at optimum crazy during the weeks I was filming and both were (still are) on nap strike. I think naps are done in my home and I am sad.

You can still enter all twelve giveaways happening now! And if you missed any of the videos for the Everything but Cloth Diapers event you can find them here.

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