Binky D Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

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Harper loves playing in her “big girl” room now that we’ve updated it with colors that appeal to her, a blackboard wall with chalk and lots of easy to open boxes and bins to keep her toys organized in. She still seems nervous about being in it by herself though, even with the door open while I fold laundry just steps away. Lately she’s taken to raiding her play kitchen, and hauling her doll quilt and a collection of “foods” and dishes out into the hall to have picnic tea parties with our dog, Valentine. I don’t allow our dog into the girls’ rooms (too many memories of cherished toys destroyed by my childhood dog who assumed they were for her), so it’s possible she just really wants to hang with her pup, but if I’m in the room with her she’s happy to stay and draw or do creative play. I’ve taken to bringing Autumn in there with us (I can’t bring the laundry in, Harper wants to help fold and I end up with more work than ever) and trying to have a designated amount of time there each day to help her get used to it, but part of me wants to go be productive. How do you relax and enjoy the tea parties?


Today I’m sharing a review on a hybrid fitted diaper from Binky D, made by a wonderful WAHM right here in sunny Florida. The diaper I received is made from the most lovely and plush cotton velour, a soft sky blue exterior and a cheery light green interior. The back of this diaper is embroidered feathers, meticulously placed and crafted from the richest glossy luxe threads in shades of blue, green, silver, orange, and coral. One glance at her website gallery will show you the amazing variety of one of a kind or limited edition diapers she has crafted in the past, and while I think I’d be happy with any diaper I’ve seen from her I am absolutely in love with this design.

Ease of Use ✩✩✩✩✩ Hybrid fitteds are constructed with a hidden layer of water resistant poly fleece inside the lining of the diaper so it offers greater leak protection without the use of an additional cover. These best-of-both-worlds diapers are breathable and soft, and packed with tons of absorbency. My diaper came with two inserts which snap together and to the diaper so it is easy to use, and quick to put on. The top soaker is generously over sized so you can fold some excess material to add additional absorbency where needed.

Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Prices range from $36 to $45 for a hybrid fitted diaper with two soakers. While this can be an investment if you are buying an entire stash of hybrid fitted diapers, you will find that the materials are luxe, the quality is high, and the stitching is impeccable. I’ll always pay more for an item that is made by an individual, especially someone local to me, knowing my money is going to help their family directly and not trickle through hundreds of cogs in a machine. If you can’t afford to purchase a full stash of 12-20 diapers I highly recommend you put at least one or two of these on your wish list. This diaper is so plush and breathable, a few hours in this style each day can really help if your baby has sensitive skin or is prone to rashes. I like to follow her Facebook page for updates on stockings to see when specific designs will be available, since she is a WAHM there is limited stock and demand is quite high.

Performance ✩✩✩✩✩ Along with that hidden layer of poly fleece within the diaper shell, there is also a layer of heavy bamboo fleece inside each of the soakers. These premium materials result in a ton of absorbency so my girls are able to wear this diaper for hours even without a cover and have no leaks. At bedtime I will top the diaper with a wool cover and know that we can wake up to dry bed sheets.

Fit ✩✩✩✩ This plush fitted offers a fold over rise to allow a greater range of sizes for every child, rated from about 10-12 lbs to 40 or more. A thick and strong elastic cinches the leg holes into a rich set of ruffles (I’m using a serged version, she does also offer turned versions), helping to keep everything where it belongs. One wing on this diaper offers cross over snaps so it will fit even a tiny child (although he or she will have a very fluffy bum). Harper is 2 years 8 months and can wear this diaper with the outside snap on the outermost setting, if she were to still need it when she is bigger I could pick up a couple snap covers and this diaper would easily fit her another year without issue, it has tons of room to grow. The rise on this diaper comes up fairly high, adding to the absorbency and blow out protection. Binky D rises used to be lower so if you have an older version your rise may be about an inch lower. Most fitted diapers are generally less trim than a diaper made with a PUL or TPU cover, so if you’re putting pants over these you’ll need to size up, but with a design this lovely I try to avoid that as much as possible. My girls love wearing this diaper at home with just a shirt, or out and about in a little sundress.

Overall: I’ve seen Binky D diapers before, many of the girls in my October baby online parenting group use them, but this was my first chance to try one in person and I was so impressed with the quality and absorbency. The gorgeous design and color choices make it easy to reach for this diaper as often as my laundry schedule permits, and I love that the breathable fleece contributes to healthy skin, especially in the summer heat.

 Where to Buy: Join the Chatter Group for Binky D to find out stocking times


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  • Jana Pelto

    We love our Binky D’s!! I have close to 30 in house and many more to come! But don’t just stop at the beautiful diapers, she has amazing pants that fit perfectly over Cloth booties. And once you try her NDN’s (night time diapers) you’ll be hooked as the rest of us are with those diapers. You will NOT be disappointed with these diapers.

  • July

    Binky D’s are a must! From her NDNs (night time diapers)& regular diapers to her cool pants & her newest item coolpris (shorts). We love binkys in our house!! Her NDNs are thee only thing that keeps my son dry all night long!! Seriously AMAZING!! Her diapers fit perfectly on my son. I only have about 9 of her diapers so far but Im selling all my other diapers to buy more Binky’s!! I absolutely love them!!!
    Which reminds me, I need more!

  • KD

    I started using Binky Ds in January of 2013. I love them! The fit is great, they are adorable, and they breathe well. We also have two pair of her BadonkaDs (like maxaloones), which are high-quality and fit perfectly. I tried the NDNs (night-time diapers) and they didn’t work coverless for my heavy wetter, but they do for most people, and she occasionally stocks Windpro too (which I haven’t had the chance to try).

  • Kaelila Capuano

    These diapers are absolutely adorable and well made!! So far we just have the one, but have a few more on the way. It fits my 28lb, tall skinny toddler really well with tons of room to grow and it fits my 24lb 9 month old who is both a chunker and tall for his age with tons of room to grow. No complaints here

  • Amy Lane

    Would love to try them! The patterns are cute and unique!

  • Lindsey Beth Aldridge Chinni

    I am a member of the chatter group, I have just started my first group custom, & I love the design and quality of these diapers! And the pants are pretty freakin adorable, too!

  • Rachel Taylor

    I am a member of the Binky D chatter group and we LOVE our Binkys! They are super soft and super cute to stare at all day. CoolPants are also a favorite here!