Best Kept Secret in Cloth Diapers- Cloth Diaper Finder


A couple of years ago I had a crazy vision of creating a cloth diaper database that included every diaper out there.   Why?  This database would be searchable by anyone!  Finally, the “dream” diaper that you didn’t know existed could be found by selecting options to search by.

clothadshortAfter hundreds of hours spreadsheeting every diaper I knew of and working with a developer to bring my vision to life, from scratch, the Cloth Diaper Finder was born!  Later on a review function was added, also completely custom made to fit the options most applicable to cloth diapers, and combined these features make Cloth Diaper Finder a powerful tool for consumers looking for the perfect cloth diaper for their baby!

Now there are over 270 cloth diapers in the database and you can find the nitty gritty details on each one!  Want to know what kind of elastic is on the bumGenius 4.0?  Curious about whether a diaper has a stay dry liner?  Even the location of the pocket opening is recorded!

The best thing?  You can search for diapers by almost any option you can think of!  Price range, diaper style, closure type, stay dry lining, natural fiber lining, WAHM made, does it come in prints?, even search by where the diaper is made so you can find US or Canadian made diapers if you want to.

And if you make cloth diapers you can be listed for a small fee.  Fees help keep this beast running.  The code is all custom so every time something break I have to hire an expert developer to make fixes.

It looks intimidating but trust me, it is pretty simple.  I have a new video to help explain how to search for diapers and how to leave a review.  (watch in at least 480p or 720p for best results.)

Once you understand the Finder you will be coming back over and over to check for diapers!

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  • Ruth J.

    This is such an amazing idea! Great job and thank you!

    When we refer people, you ask for them to include our first and last name. How will you contact the winner? Did I miss it somewhere?

    • kimrosas

      If you enter as well I will have your email information. 🙂 Just enter using the Rafflecopter. THX!

  • Jessica Long

    A whole New world…!

  • Amy P

    love this, thank you!

  • Christina Schickler

    Thank you for doing this!

  • mamain2010

    I’ve been looking into cloth diapers as a way to save $$ since daddy lost his job. Thanks for the resource!

  • Stephanie O

    Awesome giveaway, great idea. I can’t wait to check ratings on diapers will start shopping for diapers soon. Due first week of Feb!!;-)

  • Stephanie O

    Love that others can leave their own reviews too.

  • Natalie C.

    You seriously need to add Diaper Rite pockets to the review DB. Better quality that BG 4.0 for $9.95. These are a gamechanger IMO. I discovered them completely by accident. I was looking for the DR covers that I saw mamas raving about on CDing message boards. Well, they were out of stock on the covers, but I figured I’d give the pocket a shot. I was blown away. I am seriously getting rid of everything else and using these exclusively.

  • expecting mommy

    I think you should also include a database on inserts and doublers, liners, prefolds and flats, and cloth wipes.

  • Jasmine

    Great giveaway !!!!!! I have yet won any CD giveaway. This would be awesome. Thanks

  • Katie Fulford

    I need this website!! I’ve tried so many diapers I’m starting to feel discouraged! Thank you for the help!

  • paige

    I have been using “Just Simply Baby”
    brand cloth diapers for 6 months now. THEY ARE MY FAVORITE!!! They
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    you are going cloth diaper. I have never had any problems with them.
    They have all kinds of adorable prints, they ALWAYS have good deals
    and sales, and they have a 30 day money back guarantee, so they are
    deff worth a try! The double gusset diapers are my favorite, and you
    can save some money by doing a package deal if you are needed to buy
    a few. I also have a coupon code for a 10% refund on your first
    purchase. And it doesn’t expire!

    Heres the code: JSBAR197

    Here is their website:

  • Sue Reid

    Has anyone tried Haute Bottoms? 1 size fits from birth to potty training. Awesome prices too.

  • 3knottedhorses

    There are no Cloth-eez (Green Mountain Diapers) on there. Those are my favorite fitteds! They also make prefolds and flats as well.

  • Fruit of the Womb Diapers

    Great Diapers, very affordable and made in the USA. We have a trial package for ladies who are just getting started in cloth diapers. Check us out on our website: