Balance Bikes are the Best!

Balance Bikes are the Best!

I’m back from my vacation but still in recovery mode.  Instead of a new post (I’ll still have the Flip video and review for you soon) I wanted to let you know that I’ve posted over on the Tampa Bay Moms Blog about Balance Bikes.  I get so many questions about why and how to use them so I included a video with some short clips of my boys riding their balance bikes and the video of Fletcher riding a bike for the first time.  For him, it was very easy to pick up thanks to his months of balancing on the balance bike.  The video isn’t playing on the blog post at the moment so I’m including it here for you also. {Read the post here.}

For anyone curious about the bikes we use at our house, Fletcher rides the Mini Glider by Glide Bikes which we found at a thrift shop for $8.00 (not even kidding!) and Everett just recently got a Y Bike Extreme. (*aff links)

I can’t say enough great things about starting your child off on a balance bike and skipping the training wheels when it comes to teaching your child how to ride a bike!  Maybe Santa will have one for your little one this year?!

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  • JD

    What is a good age to start with a balance bike?

    • kimrosas

      It all depends, I’ve seen 18 month olds riding them pretty well. My kids both started at about 3, before that age they were both too short to fit on the ones we had and they weren’t interested in even trying.

  • Anna Lyle Howe

    Love this article! We are getting one for our toddler soon.

  • Christi Daigle

    My husband works in the bike industry and can’t say enough about the value of balance bikes in teaching little ones to ride. Well before DS was conceived, we knew one was in our future.

  • Victor Zeledon

    I need to try this because My son is two now

  • Ann

    Can you convert a regular bike to a balance bike? Just curious.

    • kimrosas

      Remove the pedals, but the bike has to be low enough that they can run with it.
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