Bad Marketing- The Lorax and Disposable Diapers- Really?!

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You are printing disposable diapers with images from the new movie The Lorax, based on the book of the same name by Dr. Seuss, to market it?


The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is by far my favorite of any Suess book because it gives us a cautionary tale about using the Earth’s limited and precious resources.

So when I heard there would be a movie based on the book I was excited but of course apprehensive about what a big company would do to the story and the message.

After seeing The Lorax marketing with disposable diapers (7th Generation brand) and SUV’s I can safely assume the message isn’t the same and I won’t be taking my son to see it.

7th Generation has already issued an apology after parents were upset with the characters making an appearance on their plain disposable diapers. The company claimed innocence “We simply thought it would be a fun way to encourage family reading and environmental awareness while creating a few smiles.” however if their intentions weren’t to market the movie and the product then why did they partner with so many Mommy Bloggers to promote the new Lorax Diapers?

Unless someone like you…cares a whole awful lot…nothing is going to get better…It’s not.”  -The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

What a shame.  

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  • Leigh

    Now I want a proper Lorax print cloth diaper. 

    • Amber

      Leigh, that would actually be possible! One of my favorite “printers” of fabric has released a liscensed line of Lorax quilting fabric on organic cotton fabric, and I assume with sustainable dyes! The line is super cute, if you want, here’s the link to the website. I know one of the WAHM that Kim tested a diaper from makes diapers with printed cotton on the outside of the diaper then a hidden pul and then lined with Minkee on the inside, they have a split pocket.. Kim may remember who I’m talking about. I haven’t tried her products but she makes really cute diapers!

      • Amber

         Okay, I found who I was talking about… Gabby Wren! here’s her FB page.. maybe make a suggestion for her to make a few Lorax diapers?

  • Nicole

    I bought a pack of these since our foray into newborn cloth diapering was a complete leaky nasty bust and I joked with my husband that I think our grovias are more lorax approved. It was odd and didn’t help make the diapers any cuter since they are essentially brown paper bags. A couple more weeks and we can use our one size diapers I hope.

    • Mack’s momma

      Nicole check out they have nice, bleach free, chemical free, diapers and the price is good. They sell in month supply’s but if you call them they will split the order. I got my box with half current size and half the next size up. We cloth 99% of the time it is those laundry days that kick out fluffy tushes and when we have to use non cloth friendly creams. We have never had a leak (and just came off of 4 days straight of usage. For the sake of full disclosed there were blowouts but if she is not in cloth that is expected. It is however the ONLY disposable that doesn’t give her diaper rash. Huggies natural major rash after 2 hours! I also enjoy their wipes and other products (soap, bubble bath, sun screen ect). Oh and they are really cute!!!

      • Nicole

        Thanks… I think we are a week or two away from getting into my cloth stash (fitteds, grobaby all in2 and grovia all in ones). I had too much trouble with the newborn ones and I am kind of upset since I spent a lot of money on them even used. I am not sure if it was fit or repelling since our new house has crappy water. Sigh. I have had trouble with diaper rash with both the cloth and the disposables with this baby. I think she is just really sensitive and an overactive pooper for sure. I need to get a handle on this water before it destroys my stash!

  • I guess I’m failing to see what the issue is. Its not like the character was printed on huggies or pampers. Seventh Generation diapers are supposed to be more environmentally friendly than more popular brands of disposable diapers. I’m sure we will see The Lorax making an appearance on cloth diapers as well.  I’m also a cloth-diapering mama, but I don’t really see this being a big deal. Just my opinion.

  • Erica-

    This is a quote from seventh generation’s website about their diapers:
    “All disposable diapers, including Seventh Generation’s, rely on man-made
    materials to deliver the high-level performance that parents expect of
    modern diapers. These materials are mostly petroleum-derived and are not
    renewable, which adversely impacts the environmental footprint
    associated with these products.”

    I think it IS a big deal, personally. The diapers are not more environmentally friend (they are slightly) but are just healthier for baby’s bottom being more chemically free than some other brands.

    I think the Lorax would be ashamed to be printed on a disposable diaper. Shame on these big company’s for abusing his image for the very commercial purposes he aims to call out.

    • Well, not to imply that these are Green Fabulousness, but the absence of those bad-for-baby’s-booty chemicals also means they stay the heck out of the groundwater. (That’s the “slightly” you were talking about?)

      And at least a few years ago, the consensus I’d found on various sites was that between disposable diapers and diaper SERVICES,  the environmental aspect was sort of a wash (no pun intended)…and for those families with no choice but to have two working parents, keeping up with the cloth is PROFOUNDLY difficult. I did cloth with one of mine during my maternity leave, but then it just got completely out of hand and I couldn’t manage…although I have tremendous respect for those who are able to cloth-diaper all the way through. If I were to have another (pleasegodno) I’d give it another go and see if we could make it all the way through. 

      That said, I too am disappointed in 7th Generation for going this route, but pleased that they at least picked up on the badness of the idea and apologized. And I suspect that the idea came from a couple of bozos in the marketing department who hopefully got some serious chastising over this.  In general, I respect this company and what they do, but they SO missed the mark here…

  • Seriously? This is ridiculously dumb. The diapers NOT this post. Why didn’t they try to partner with cloth diapers? Ugh. Thanks for posting this…I had no idea.

  • Elyse Huey

    We went to the Dr. Seuss reading event at Target promoting the new Lorax movie and I was intrigued.  They gave out goody bags with individually packaged Target brand snacks, coupons for Seventh Gen products, a coloring page, crayons, and some cute stickers to put around the house to remind you of ways to conserve.  I thought the stickers were great, but the other stuff was kitschy and didn’t really scream ‘love the earth’.
    I didn’t know that Seventh Gen was making Lorax disposable diapers though.  Disappointing.  Unfortunately I think its just another sad case of the message getting lost in the advertising.  Seventh Gen is a big “green” product company that is in lots of stores so it made good marketing sense for Universal Pictures to partner with them to promote.  And they make disposables so there you go.  If they had parterned with a company that made cloth diapers, the Lorax would have been on cloth, but there are no companies with as large a scope that make cloth diapers.  Its an ironic situation that emphasizes the moral of the Lorax — greed over the environment (anything really) gets us no where.  Kinda’ sad.

  • Elyse Huey

    Side note: if you read the parents’ comments on the 7th gen page, it appears most parents that use the diapers are concerned with the fact there is advertising period on the diapers.  XD  No regard at all for the fact the ‘message’ advertised is antagonistic to using disposable diapers in the first palce.

  • we have a 1.5 year old right now and were lucky to find a composting diaper service in our area, but it’s still not a perfect solution. even cloth is not perfect, since it uses so much water.

    it’s a shame. i actually think the message from 7th gen about their diapers is one of the more straightforward messages i’ve seen, and it’s a good start, but there is very little they can do to overcome people’s desire to have disposable diapers.

    what can we do?

  • Ashley

    I just bought a newborn fitted Lorax diaper from The Orange Diaper Company!

    • Anonymous

      oh I bet that is ADORABLE!

  • I do like Seventh Gen in general but yeah, bad marketing. They make a lot of good products that have recycled and biodegradable bottles – Why not promote on those only? It isn’t like kids in diapers actually care about the characters.

    I think of Seventh Generation as a company who actually tries to do a lot of good for how big they are… But really, they obviously just want to make money or they wouldn’t be producing ‘sposies at all.

  • Jami Karow

    You’re missing the point, Erica Elizabeth.  Have you read the book?  It’s about conserving our forests yet they are printing this on a disposable diaper.  Oh, the irony!

  • Tabatha

    That’s ironic. At least it’s Seventh Generation though, and not huggies. Still not good for the environment though. Just because they are responsibly produced, doesn’t mean they don’t use a TON of resources to produce.

  • Danielle

    Bumkins has a Lorax CLOTH diaper now. 🙂 Its available as a door prize at some Great Cloth Diaper Change events! 😀

    • kimrosas

      I just saw those this week. Definitely a better use of that character.
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