Babywearing a Newborn: ERGObaby Compared to Beco Butterfly II

Trying to choose between the three most popular and well known brands of Soft Structure Carriers (also known as Buckle Carriers) on the market? As I see it, the ERGOBaby, the Beco Butterfly II, and the Boba are the most compared and inquired about SSC’s on the market today.  Since I have used all three with both of my children I have decided to film videos comparing each carrier in different aspects of useage.  The videos will be a visual reference for my written comparisons.

This post will focus on the ERGObaby and Beco Butterfly II only because I am comparing their newborn babywearing capabilities.  The Boba is intended for babies 15 pounds or more.  You can find the other videos and posts on comparing all three carriers by following the ERGObaby/BBII/Boba Series.



The 2 (Heart2Heart) is an accessory that is sold seperately from the ERGObaby.  It retails for $25.00 or $38.00 (Organic).  If you intend to wear your baby from birth in your Ergo you will have to have this insert to safely wear your them.  (There are ways to roll up blankets and place them under the baby but please be safe whichever method you choose.)


Snug and Cozy. This insert is padded, soft, and a cocoon like shape that wraps your baby.

Adjustable. The Heart2Heart can simulate being swaddled for the baby; you can adjust it to completely wrap the baby.  Not shown in the video, you can also leave it open face if you prefer.

Research: The Heart2Heart has been carefully designed to support your baby’s spine in the best way possible.  As long as you are following their directions closely you will have a very safe and developmentally appropriate newborn carrier.


Price. The added expense of 25-38 dollars on top of a high dollar carrier is hard to swallow.  You might be able to find a gently used one on a number of sites, or check your local Craigslist.

Warmth. The Heart2Heart is padded so it might make you, and your baby, a little warm.  Babywearing is already a sweaty practice.  In cold weather this is a bonus, but indoors and outdoors in warmer weather it might get toasty.  The most important thing to to make sure you baby isn’t overheated.


Beco Butterfly II

Not me- but a good photo of a baby in the insert in the Beco

The infant harness is always included with the purchase of your brand new Beco Butterfly II.


It does the job. The infant harness raises your newborn to a safe height and also keeps them in the carrier.  The crotch is also narrower than if they were in the seat of the carrier.

Price. FREE with purchase.  This saves mamas the conundrum of deciding whether to buy an accessory.  If they want to try their Beco with a newborn they can.  If not, they aren’t out any money.  Beco’s do cost more than Ergo’s when purchased brand new, but the Ergo tips the scale if you buy the carrier and insert brand new.

Slim. Because the insert is not padded in any way it is slimmer in appearance and less bulky to wear than the Heart2Heart.  It would also be less warm for you and the baby.


Placement. I really (probably unnecessarily) had trouble getting the insert placed just right.  The velcro is very strong (good thing since it IS holding a baby) but I may have cursed at having to un-stick/re-stick the thing over and over until it was flat and level.  I also always wanted to attach it the opposite way it was meant to go.  Visually, it looked that it should go that way, but then it wouldn’t buckle so I knew it was wrong.  I wish there was a Front/Back designation for dummies like me.

Intimidating. The Beco itself just looks-scary.  There are straps and buckles everywhere.  Brand new moms who are also brand new babywearers have to learn how to use the carrier, and also have to figure out the infant harness.  They might just throw up their hands and give up.  Coming from using an Ergo I even had trouble getting things together.



Both inserts are meant to be used from birth up to about 4-6 months.  This is completely dependent on your baby and your own comfort.  Once baby has good head control, is large enough that falling out of the carrier through the side is not possible, is tall enough that they are not in danger of suffocation inside of  the carrier, and you feel that they are ready to move up then you can discontinue using the inserts and put them in the carrier directly.  There is no hard and fast number for this.







The only photo of Ev in the newborn insert of the BBII


The ERGObaby and the Beco Butterfly II both instruct you to in some way, shape or form, put the baby somewhere, then place them in the carrier, then put it on.  I always used the couch when I was at home, my lap when out of the house.  When I was out I would often sit in my front passenger seat, take the baby out of the carseat, then so as shown in the video for the Beco.  I didn’t have a Heart2Heart for the Ergo for my newborn so I never used it.  I was able to put the Beco on and place the baby inside while standing (such as in a parking lot) but it never felt as well done as when I did it the long way.  I’m not sure how you could do that with the Heart2Heart.

Since I never used the Heart2Heart it I don’t want to give my judgement on the actual wear of it compared to the infant harness for the Beco. From playing with them both, and as a user of both carriers, I see the positives and negatives of each.

As always it comes down to your preference, your budget, and your baby. I hope the visual side by side comparison helps those on the fence make a decision when not able to visit a store or borrow one.

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ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert

ERGObaby Carrier

Beco Butterfly II Carrier

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