Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Everyone {Fluffin’ Awesome Gifts}

For our EPIC event myself and four other bloggers have partnered with our favorite brands in order to bring you high quality content, giveaways, crafts, and more.  Today’s post is all about gifts for baby showers.  Not all gifts or showers are created equal which is why I’m breaking down gift ideas in a way that makes sense.  Maybe you’ll be inspired for the next time you’re stumped and attending your umpteenth shower.  Don’t forget that many of the brands mentioned below are sponsoring the HUGE giveaway we have running!  


For the Gung-Ho Cloth Diapering Mama-to-be- It isn’t often you get to shower a friend with cloth diapers.  Not every friend or family member is going down that path.  When you are sure your friend IS that is when you can really have a blast.

Cloth Diapers:  Of course your friend will be in need (or perhaps, in want) or cloth diapers!  Select some in fun prints like the new GroVia Up and Away or get her a wet bag which is always a handy item.  Tiny Tush, Smartbottoms, Moraki (ruffles!), RumparoozCharlie Banana, Softbums, and GroVia!

Detergents:  It may seem odd to buy detergent for a baby shower but if your friend has a stash ready to go this is one way to offset that upcoming expense.  Like disposables (which are always gifted in bulk), detergent is something your friend can always use!  Try these:  Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Powder, Eco Nuts, or Allen’s Naturally.

Accessories:  Maybe your friend has already gotten started on her stash but you want to make sure she succeeds with cloth diapering.  Give her an amazing conversation starter- the Spray Pal!  This handy device makes diaper spraying less messy by shielding the splatter.  Or for a smaller version you can try the new Diaper Dawgs Cone with the same function in mind.  Snappi’s are always a good idea too, inexpensive but totally useful!

Cloth Friendly Clothing:  Newborns in cloth diapers, especially One Size diapers, can make fitting into the tiny onesies and adorable leggings or jeggings.  Spoil your friend with Project Pomona Pants made specifically to fit over cloth diapers.  Or, buy long gowns like those from Zutano that make diaper changing easy in the first few months.  Don’t forget baby leggings!  You can even coordinate your leggings with your diaper like those from GroVia and Rock-a-Thigh.

Butt Creams:  Like detergents, you can never have too much diaper cream.  Try Grandma El’s or EMAB Bottom Balm

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”12″ size_format=”px”]1. SprayPal 2. Softbums Echo 3. EcoNuts Wool Dryer Balls 4. GroVia Up and Away Shell and Wet bag 5. Project Pomona Pants 6. Charlie Banana XS 7. EMAB Bottom Balm 8. lil’ Joeys by Rumparooz 9. GroVia Rock-a-Thigh leggings 10. Moraki All-in-Two 11. Thirsties Fab Wipes 12. Tiny Tush OS Pocket 13. Zutano Newborn Gowns 14. Diaper Dawgs Spray Collar 15. Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Powder 16. Allen’s Naturally Detergent 17. Grandma El’s Diaper Balm 18. Smart Bottoms Smart One [/typography]


Gift ideas for second time mom- Shopping for moms who already have one or more children can be a challenge.  They might already have the biggest items and the basics.  Try these “out of the box” ideas!

Accessories:  For stylish mamas and practical ones too there are Zen Rocks.  These attractive necklaces are also safe for teething babies who tend to love grabbing at chewing on mom’s necklaces.  For the baby you can also help with the teething pain while giving them a stylish accessory of their own!  Healing Hazel necklaces make hazel and amber necklaces that help relieve some of the pain associated with teething in infants.  Babies WEAR these necklaces, not chew them.

Lifesavers: Another conversation starter gift is the NoseFrida.  A functional gift that mom won’t be able to live without and never knew she needed.  They beat the pants off traditional bulb syringes.  And now that mom is going to be balancing more than one little human a baby carrier is a must!  Onya’s carriers do double duty as a high chair too!  Or get her a Baby Shusher, a magic soothing device that mimics the “shhhhh” sound moms find themselves doing a million times a day.  Magic!  Or you can add a Starbucks giftcard to the mix for the times she is gets a drive through latte not because she wants coffee, but because she wants her babies to all fall asleep and to enjoy 30 minutes of purchased silence.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”12″ size_format=”px”] 1. Nosefrida, 2. Zen Rocks, 3. Onya Carrier, 4. Healing Hazel, 5. Starbucks gift card, 6. Baby Shusher[/typography]


Gift ideas for breastfeeding moms- For moms who will be breastfeeding you can give gifts that aid them on their journey or shower them with a little pampering.

Breastfeeding aids: Give the gift of Bamboobies.  No other nursing pads are as comfortable or discreet (you can craft them into rose buds for an amazing gift!).  Plus, they’re shaped like hearts!  Earth Mama Angel Baby goodies are always a safe bet.  Booby Tubes and Nipple Butter are a girl’s best friend during the early days of nursing.   While mom may or may not want to cover during nursing, the NuRoo nursing scarf is an accessory all moms should have.  It is multi-functional and super stylish.

Lifesavers: Amazon Gift Card for eBooks or RedBox gift cards.  Your friend will be spending a few weeks on the couch or in bed nursing a new baby.  Keep them entertained!  The Maya Wrap sling is a simple and easy way to keep baby close enough to kiss and nurse.  The rings make it easy to adjust for nursing sessions for newborns on up.  HALO Bassinest, not available in stores yet, is a true revolution in baby sleep.  It is accessible for moms who may be recovering from C-Sections and keeps the baby sleeping safely as close to mom as possible without them being in bed (if that is their aim.)  For nursing moms it keeps them close enough to grab at the first hungry whimper without the baby cranking it up to 11 making it more likely the baby will transition back to sleep easier.  If you haven’t heard of this product yet make sure you watch the video to truly understand how much of a lifesaver it could be to a new mom!

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”12″ size_format=”px”] 1. Bamboobies, 2. Nuroo Scarf, 3. Earth Mama Angel Baby, 4.Amazon Card, 5. Redbox (send credits online via email),  6. Halo Bassinest, 7. Maya Wrap Sling[/typography]


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