Baby Leg Warmers! DIY

If you cloth diaper then you know how cute the diapers are, and you probably get sad about covering them up with *gasp* pants!  Besides the fact that pants are hard to put on wriggly kids (seriously, why when one leg is in the other comes out, WHY?) they cover up the fluffy diaper.  I have a few pair of baby legs even though my kid is a boy.  I fought the urge for a long time but then I gave in when I saw some on sale.  I fell in love.  They are easy to put on- scrunch them up like you are putting on a pair of hose- and they are easy for diaper changes.


Yes, they can be $$$.  They run around 10-12$ each.  You can buy the Baby Leg brand or some cute ones made my other mamas or on  If you are cheap like me and you enjoy DIY projects there is an easy way to make them at home.  You don’t have to have a serger, you can use a zig zag, but sergers make things so much easier and better.

Baby Leg Warmers I made using this tutorial
Baby Leg Warmers I made using this tutorial




And a Bonus, Pictures of Fletcher wearing his Baby Legs.


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