Baby Hammock Comparison: Which to choose?

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Baby hammock options for a natural, womb-like sleep environment.

While pregnant with my first son I looked into a baby hammock briefly, but was honestly a little afraid of something that I had never seen used by a “real” person.  No one I knew used one, they used cribs and bassinettes.  So I bought a cradle and a crib, and ended up co-sleeping until after my son was one because he wouldn’t sleep in either one.

This time I am going to try a baby hammock.  After the testimonials of good friends and the online reviews I am hoping it will prevent the horrible sleep habits my son had.  I like to pretend he would have been like this no matter how much I held him and rocked him and slept with him and nursed him to sleep.  Maybe, maybe not.

The baby hammock itself has been around for over 800 years, so it is not a new invention.

Now I have to choose one.  The prices range from expensive to very expensive, so this is a choice I am not taking lightly.  After lining my choices up I have to say I am leaning towards the Miyo since it has many options. (Update 2014- I chose the Hushamok after finding a gently used one on Craigslist.  My son enjoyed napping in it and would sleep some nights there.  Overall we are happy with the product)

Choice 1: Amby Baby Motion Bed. (307.00 for infant to toddler package)

Amby-Motion-Bed-Basic-PackageThe Amby is very well known as far as baby hammock go.  Even more so after the voluntary recall issued a few months years ago.  They have issued replacement parts to all current owners who wished for one.


Great reputation (even with the recall)

Low end of the price range for hammocks.

Comes with a travel bag for compact transport.

Easy to put together and move from place to place.


Not available new for the moment.

Not many color choices.

Not as attractive as other hammocks.


Infant to 9 months.

Up to 20 pounds with infant spring.  Up to 45 with toddler kit.

(3.5 ft x 2.5 ft x 5 ft)

Where to buy:

At least for now the only places you can find an Amby will be Craigslist or consignment stores.

Choice 2: Arm’s Reach Cocoon (149.99)

armsreachThe Arm’s Reach Cocoon Sleeper is another contender.  Visually similar to the Amby Hammock.  This company has had issues with recalls, but none of the Coccon that I can find.


Less expensive than most other hammocks.

Great reviews online.


Hangs from two points, not one, so less motion for the baby.


Birth to 15 pounds.

Where to buy:

Choice 3: Hushamok (598.00 for stand and hammock)


The Hushamok Hammock is quite pricey, however it boasts the benefit of being able to add a seat to the stand for older children.  I have seen this in person and love the style!


You can use it without a stand (which adds to the cost) if you hang from your ceiling.

Can buy a seat to add to the stand.

Stand is aluminum and very lightweight. (11 pounds)


Very expensive.

Not many online reviews on this product.


Newborns up to 6 months or 22 pounds.

43”L x 59”H x 42”W

Where to buy:

Choice 4: Kanoe (290.00)


The Kanoe is stunningly beautiful.  It is made from 100% organic cotton and dyed with low impact, environmentally friendly dyes.  There is a way to rent a Kanoe for 40.00 a month if you want to see if it is something your baby would enjoy.



Space saving since it hangs from the ceiling.

Comes with canvas carrying bag.

Can be hung closer to the ground to make a cool chair for older children.

You can adjust the incline or leave if flat.


There is no stand made for it, though the website suggests some made by others should work.


Cannot travel with it unless you buy a stand.


Infant to 30 pounds.

Choice 5:  Miyo (Hammock:199.95, Stand: 169.95, Door Clamp: 49.95)

miyoThe Miyo is another beautiful hammock.  The Miyo does offer a stand and a door clamp to use for travel.


High age limit.

Multiple ways to use the hammock, ceiling, stand, or doorway clamp.

EASY to travel with thanks to the door clamp.


Very expensive if you buy the hammock, stand, and clamp.

Now looks to be unavailable as of last search, 2014


Infant to 9 months.

Where to buy:


Choice 6: Mawok (256.00)

mawokThis hammock has an interesting fixture where you can hang it from your door, perfect for traveling.  It can also be mounted from your ceiling.


Small and light.

Offers stylish patterns and stark white.

Package comes with ceiling mount and travel arm.


Doesn’t have a stand.

Hard to find information and reviews.  Product is Swedish.

Mechanics of the door attachment are scary to think of.  This is an option you really should think about before trying.  Also, would want to use a door that doesn’t have traffic.  Oops… squished your baby.


Infant to 6 months.

Where to buy:

Right now I can only find it on their Swedish Website.

Choice 7:  Happy Hangup (225.00 with shipping)

hangupThe Hangup is an Australian hammock.  There is the ability to add a cushion of different sizes depending on the age of the baby, or use no cushion.  The hammock uses a spring.


Gorgeous fabric pattern.

Wooden hanger is handmade.


No stand.

Not a lot of information on it.


Infant to 45 pounds.

Where to buy: Will ship to US.  225.00 includes shipping to the US.

Choice 8: Yayita (262.00 with stand. 136.00 no stand)

yayitaThe Yayita hammock has a wooden bar with two notches, two further in for smaller babies, and two farther out for larger children.  Can be purchased with or without stand.  The Yayita was recalled in 2008 due to a flipping hazard after one baby flipped over but was still strapped in.  The baby was not injured, and since the hammock has undergone a redesign which makers say prevents flipping.


Safety Strap.

Can buy stand.

Adjustable width.


Previous recall.


Infant to 18 months or 45 pounds.

Where to buy:


Choice 9: Mamalittlehelper (109.00 with stand)

mamalittlehelperThe Mamalittlehelper quite frankly worries me.  Besides having a name that sounds off to me, the website needs quite a bit of work.  Plus, it looks like an Amby knock off.


Mesh sides

JPMA Certified.

Inexpensive compared to other hammocks.


Reviews often comment it is cheaply made.

They make an infant, toddler, and baby hammock.  What is the difference?  Website not clear.


Infant up to 25 pounds or rolling over.

Where to buy: However they are not shipping orders at the moment.

Choice 10: Special Delivery Baby Hammock




Custom fabric options


Website does not inspire confidence in the product.

No certifications or testing certificates.

No option to buy a stand from their website.


For babies 12-18 months (or rolling.crawling), but can hold up to 45 lbs.   They also made a toddler hammock.

Product weight is 3 lbs.

Where to Buy: Special Delivery 

Edited to add:  I want to emphasize that I have not tried any of these hammocks except for the Hushamok, and all information came from their respective websites.  I also want to say that I realize hammocks carry a stigma thanks to the Amby Motion Bed recall.  However, even traditional sleeping arrangements like cribs, bassinets, cradles, co-sleepers, etc should be used with common sense.  Any baby item is dangerous if used incorrectly or without common sense.

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  • Sneha Talati

    I think a good baby hammock is the no 1 product to give happiness to baby…most of the time, baby would like to be in the hammock/bed where they feel comfortable and rested.. i am using a special type of indian style baby hammock for my baby.. its called Ghodiyu…it helps my son to get great sleep due to its shape and principle…did anyone tried Ghodiyu… I bought it from a online store its a special baby hammock from Indian subcontinent…you can get it anywhere in the World at a reasonably good price …

  • Ghodiyu Baby Hammock India

    Did anyone tried a baby hammock called Ghodiyu..I have been looking everywhere for a high quality authentic Indian Ghodiyu and is the only store that has them. Thank you for their great support and help ! We really appreciate everything and are enjoying the swing. Assembly was so simple.. It is very stable on the ground easy to use..My baby is getting enough sleep now..No wonder why they are No 1 on Google search for word Ghodiyu..

  • Ghodiyu Baby Hammock India

    I think you are forgetting a best baby hammock.. its called Ghodiyu.. It was originated from India and now it started being recognized and used all over the World. Try and review Ghodiyu… I am sure other users will like it… I am using it for my baby and we are very happy with it..we bought it from and it was cheaper as compared to all other baby hammocks that you have mentioned here..

    • Send Gift To USA

      I think u r right.. i bought one for my son and i am really happy.. its called Ghodiyu.. its amazing.. i bought one from and it is so easy to aseemble and use.. it only took me 5 min to assemble it and thats it.. i never have to go behind.. great product. highly recommend it…

  • Shanna Putnam

    Wish I would have read this earlier this year.  I was going to get an Amby or Arms Reach one, but chickened out at the last minute.  

  • Rakeshbhai

    one of my friend told me to try indian style ghodiyu. i purchased it recently from and i can say my daughter is happy with that..

  • Steve

    I just purchased a portable baby hammock from . This allows me to transfer the hammock from my house to my parents house. They watch my daughter while I am at work.

  • Annie

    I just thought I’d add my lil opinion here as this post is old but a lot of moms are still reading this looking for a good hammock. In my research, one main problem was the padding and mattresses added for comfort- but they are easily a SIDS concern. The child can move more when placed on a pad and then they can roll over and not breath if their face is stuck. The Miyo looks like it would work fine for that but we went with the Special Delivery Hammock from Hawaii. My only concern at this stage is cleaning the thing when the baby has a messy diaper. The whole thing does come off and can be thrown in the wash, but that might throw a lot of moms off, but for the price of this one you could get 2-4 of the hammocks! I will use this downstairs. The other one I like and might buy for next to our bed is a Australian hammock Koala by Amazonas. Both of these when purchased directly through the vendor are cheaper on shipping, which varies from $25-$100+ (yikes!).

    • kimrosas

      You can always get extra sheets and a small waterproof pad to go under to protect those with a mattress. With my Hushamok I ordered an extra mattress too.

  • kristenannie

    I just ordered a hammock from Special Delivery –

    They are made by moms and seem to have a lot of heart and soul behind their company. I am excited to get the hammock and try it out. We are expecting in 10 days!


    • Hawaii Mama

      I also used a Special Delivery Baby Hammock for both of my keiki. This was the only company I could find that had a pediatric physician as the designer/owner. The foundation of their company is very inspiring, supporting new mothers by creating jobs within the sewing circle…all hammocks are made by mothers! The selection is so unique, I chose a beautiful stock hammock for my first baby, and then had them make me a custom hammock for my second. The custom hammocks are less expensive than their stock hammocks, which I thought was amazing!! I was able to chose my fabric to compliment my sons nursery. Obviously I LOVE the product, my babies have slept through the night since birth, which I believe is due to the Special Delivery Baby Hammock. This is a great company with a great product!!!!!

  • Elena

    Great post, thank you!
    Does anybody know something about the Amazonas brand “Kaya” model, or the “Koala” one, same brand, comes with a stand? I can’t find any review, but they look really safe, nice and affordable.
    My only doubt is: they all feature a safety 5 point harness. I cannot imagine how you can wrap the baby or put him in a sleeping bag and then fasten the harness when putting him in the hammock. I’m waiting my baby for winter and I think I’ll need to cover/wrap him for the night, but I don’t like the idea of putting any “free” sheet in the hammok, above the harness for SIDS concerns…
    And, would it be comfortable for the baby to sleep with the harness fastened?

    And would it be easy to fasten it when baby is fussy or when he is slept already and you are trying not to wake him up?

    My other option is the kanoe hammock, no harness, deep enough to prevent tilting (it looks like..actually the kaya does too!), but they say they are out of stock at the moment…
    I don’t know what’s your opinion about hammock with (maybe safer) or without harness (more comfort? but as safe as the others?)..does anybody have some experience?

    Thanks in advance

  • Tamara

    Just wanted to say, I have a hushamok, used it with both my children when they were babies (now they fight over who gets to sit in the seat attachment) It was a lifesaver for us though, I truly believe I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep as a new mother without it and couldn’t relate to my friends who were complaining of midnight car rides and pacing around the living room to get their babies to sleep. I converted a couple of friends and they had the same experience with their second and third children. Just make sure you move them into a crib once they’re able to roll over, and for the love of god don’t hang a hammock from the ceiling.

    • Sarah

      Why shouldn’t it be hung from the ceiling? Sorry for my ignorance, but it seemed that would be more secure with my toddler running around and our large exposed beams….

  • Hawaii Mama

    I also used a Special Delivery Baby Hammock for both of my keiki. This was the only company I could find that had a pediatric physician as the designer/owner. The foundation of their company is very inspiring, supporting new mothers by creating jobs within the sewing circle…all hammocks are made by mothers! The selection is so unique, I chose a beautiful stock hammock for my first baby, and then had them make me a custom hammock for my second. The custom hammocks are less expensive than their stock hammocks, which I thought was amazing!! I was able to chose my fabric to compliment my sons nursery. Obviously I LOVE the product, my babies have slept through the night since birth, which I believe is due to the Special Delivery Baby Hammock. This is a great company with a great product!!!!!

  • Justin

    I’d like to suggest a hammock called the Nu Be. I believe this is the one for me! if anyone else is interested the website is It seems like a sensible product that is natural and safe. I like the fact it is handmade and does not hang from anything. Plus, it only uses mesh netting which makes me feel comforted knowing there is no risk of smothering. They can be custom engraved too!

  • Hawaii Mama

    Special Delivery Baby Hammocks are also AMAZING!!! They are hand made Hammocks designed by a physician. The price is unbeatable AND they can make a custom Hammock for you, just send them your fabric! Having one of their Hammocks was priceless….I’ve told all my friends and family if you know anyone having a baby have them look at Special Delivery Baby Hammocks for their Hammock…for sure!

  • Tricia Schroeder

    Thanks for compiling this info. We were gifted a Special Delivery hammocks. I had done little research and was skeptical of using it, but our infant naps in it most days so we can keep him on the same floor as us because I don’t like to be on a different floor than my toddler. It works great. Baby seems to really like it and it actually looks very nice hanging in the guest room. The fact that it hangs from the ceiling is a great space saver. We recently got a toddler sized one, which is great because the temptation to swing on it was proving too great to resist. I am now purchasing one as a gift for my cousin’s baby. They are so cozy and the little bit motion they provide is great! While I can’t speak to the others, we are pleased with the Special delivery hammock.

  • alohashine

    I’m interested in using the Yayita hammock as a bassinet for (early weeks) at night for sleeping. Our room is VERY small and there is minimal space for an extra “something” in there for night time. Has anyone heard of that being a hazzard???

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