Baby Beehinds Wool Cover Review

woolweek copyThis post is part of “All About Wool Week” on Dirty Diaper Laundry.

woolnappyI was given a Baby Beehinds Wool Cover to try out on my son for Wool Week.  I am a big fan of velcro wool covers since they go on so easily, and in this case the velcro looks like it is really going to hold up.  It shouldn’t matter since you only handwash wool, right?  Well, this Baby Beehinds Wool Cover is machine washable!  Wait, what?  Wool+washers= disaster right?  This cover has already been felted, which means it has been shrunk.  No further shrinkage should come from washing.  This isn’t something I would ever do, but, some people would love to have this option.  At least I know if my husband washes it that the world won’t end!

Once again, wool has proven itself to be bulletproof!  This cover never had any leaks.  I love the ribbing along the sides and the velcro closure.  One tab doesn’t have hook and loop on the outside, so if your tabs are crossing over there is no velcro on the outside of the diaper.  It has has laundry tabs, just in case you decide to be brave and toss it in the washer.

beehindBaby Beehinds have some fantastic colors especially for the US.  They have an interesting back story.  At some point they decided to discontinue their colored fitteds and Americans went crazy!  Apparently, in Australia the colored fitteds never sold.  They brought the colors back by popular demand and introduced some new ones.  Trust me, they are gorgeous in person!  I have the purple which is pictured.

If you get a chance to try one, you should!  They are a really easy way to start using wool since they velcro and can be machine washed!

*** Babybeehinds commented with this info on the cover being discontinued.

“Baby BeeHinds Colored wool is being discontinued in Australia and Europe. Natural will continue to be available in Australia and Europe, and all colors (including Deep Twilight in photo) will continue to be available in the USA and Canada. Colored bamboo O/S are also available exclusively in North America.”

  • Made from 100% wool fabric (Australian wool) with a double layer in the Wet Zone
  • Elasticized around the leg and back to provide a good ‘seal’ over the nappy
  • Bound in wool ribbing Superior High-Tech velcro means no rub marks on baby’s tummy, longer lasting grip and no curling of the tabs- to keep them looking nicer, longer
  • Fully machine washable in a lingerie bag (cold water only)
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