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babbaEvery once in a while I get a chance to review a “nappy” and not a “cloth diaper.”  You are probably thinking, “Aren’t those the exact same thing?” and you would be right.  Except that I get to feel fancier.  Baba+Boo Reusable Nappies are fun little diapers with exclusive prints.  They have a lot of the same features as other brands and could be confused for them, however I have been assured that these diapers were designed and made in an independent factory with all proper testing.  I’ve often warned others of the Made in China brands that have not been tested for chemicals and the factories not audited for humane and safe working conditions.  I just wanted to clarify that in this case these diapers are free and clear.  Whew!  Now that that is out of the way I can move on with the review.

One of the really fun things about the diaper, other than the custom prints, is that they often have a coordinating shirt to go with the print.  I was sent a frog patterned diaper with a frog applique on the shirt.  You know how much cloth diaper moms (nappy mums) love showing off our fluff so when we can get a coordinating set that makes it that much more fun!

Ease of Use ✩✩✩ The easiest part about this diaper is just getting it on and off. There are 3 snaps per tab, and with two of them on the hip that might throw people off (it did me on occasion since usually it is the other way around) but just un-pop those suckers when it is time to change into a new diaper. The most PITA part of this diaper is getting the insert stuffed in. Anyone familiar with my reviews knows that I don’t take kindly to those tiny pocket openings. Mama needs room to stuff! It doesn’t make stuffing the diaper impossible but it is more cumbersome to get the insert straightened out with only a 3 inch opening (plus the stretch). It also makes it harder to just shake out the insert from the pocket opening before washing, which some parents do, but I usually just reach in so for me that didn’t hurt my feelings. The tabs have nice stretch to them and I always think that makes getting a tight fit on the waist easier, so that is worth a mention. And above all, any pocket diaper is easier to put on and use than a 2 part system.
Bang for the Buck ✩✩✩ Their “exclusives” line which is what I am reviewing cost £10.95, or £20.95 for the matching diaper and shirt set. The diaper is about $16 in US and that makes is slightly less expensive than other brand name pockets but with shipping they are more than most people would want to pay in the US.  In the UK that is not a problem and they remain a good price.  4 stars for UK shoppers, but a 2 if we were paying the cost of the diaper and individual shipping to the US, so lets average that to a 3.
Performance ✩✩✩✩ The microfiber inserts that were included were super nice and thick, but not in the “bulky way. I used it in the day with only one insert. For the smallest setting you can fold the insert over if you need to. Overnight we did experience some wicking around the legs. I’m not a huge fan of pockets for overnights in general and prefer natural fibers. I think from what I can tell, that this slicker style of PUL is more prone to the wicking when the diaper is saturated. I could be wrong though. As always, try for yourself and if that is an issue then another diaper for overnight might work best. It didn’t have any wicking issues for normal, daytime use or even at nap time. Because I don’t expect pockets to be the best overnight solution it still gets 4 stars.
Fit ✩✩✩✩ The waist has a lot of room and even with Everett being over 2 he had plenty of snaps left to grow into. Granted, he is now a skinny thing, but that is the point of reference I have. As evident in the video, the fabric under the snaps on the hip might flip up but that doesn’t really affect how the diaper performs. It depends on the build of your child and their position. Everett can wear the diaper on both the medium and large setting, but medium fits best because it rides lower. It does seem big on the small setting but I can’t test it out on a smaller baby to see how it would work/fit.
Overall: I like the novelty of the slick PUL and the custom prints, which are very cute and unique. Plus the option for a matching t-shirt is really fun! These sets could make a great gift to a mom-to-be. The diaper performed well overall in the daytime but it wasn’t the best for overnights. The 2 microfiber inserts are a plus. Here in the US paying the shipping is going to make the diapers pricier so it might not be an option for us just yet unless they start being carried in a store and find distribution here. For anyone reading in the UK you can find them at a much more reasonable rate (of course) and they are definitely worth a try, if nothing else, just for the FUN prints!
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