Ask Kim from DDL a Question: Part 1

You sent in your questions for me about washing cloth diapers, stripping, baby carriers, and even my boys’ names!  There were more questions than time in one video so I split them into two.  The first video I’m posting today is all about washing, detergents, and my stash.  Tune in and check back tomorrow for Part 2!


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  • Hello, I cam to know your blog and loved it, I’m follow you!
    Congratulations and success to you!

    If you want to visit my Blog, feel free to follow, if you want, make yourself at home!
    Kisses from Brazil!

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  • Rachel N

    My 22 month old son kept saying “hi” to you the entire time we were watching:)  I don’t think he understood why you didn’t say hi back. lol.

  • I love the screechy monkey in the background.  It made me feel like you were making your video from my home, except yours is much neater.  Thanks for sharing!

    P.S.  Even my husband was laughing at Everett’s sounds.  Actually, he first came out to see who was screaming.  He thought it was one of our kids.

  • Amanda Duke

    What’s that thing you have hanging on the changing table with your wipes container on? I want something like that to get my wipes off the top of my changing table.

  • love your diapers!! 

  • Stacikristine

    Hi Kim,

    I have a quick question about washing.  Some of my diapers say to wash WARM, but most say to wash HOT.  Will it be hurting them to wash all on hot? 

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Anonymous

      This might cause some diapers to delaminate earlier bit that would still be an issue way down the road. I wash all mine on hot.
      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • Alex T

    I was wondering what you all time favorite cloth diaper would be. If you were only allowed to have one type of cloth diaper, which would you choose?