Announcing the “Make a Cloth Diaper Meme” Contest! Be Funny, Win Prizes!

No fancy titles here but this contest is going to be so much fun who cares if it has a fancy name?  I don’t!

Make a funny/relevant cloth diaper meme and win prizes/fame!  There will be prizes for the top 5 memes will each get a prize and the top 10 memes will be posted here on Dirty Diaper Laundry and shared!

Success Kid Contest

I don’t want to go into what a meme is, I was hoping by now most readers had caught on, but if you haven’t here is a post on Gizmodo that should help.

Your job is to create your own meme.  You can use an established meme such as Success Kid, Bad Luck Brian, First World Problems, Awkward Penguin, Grumpy Cat, Confession Bear, Pepperidge Farms Remembers, and so on…. there are many to choose from!  You can also make your own meme with your own image (keep in mind this is the Internet, if your meme becomes popular there is the risk of it being shared so you have to be ok with this) and add your funny text on top of it.

Creating a meme can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.  There are meme generators that let you search popular memes, all you do it add text to the top and bottom, save the image, and share it.  I’d prefer that you save and post your image rather than linking to it for this contest.  To use your own image you’ll need some basic skills with Photoshop or another image editor to add your own text (Impact font in white with a black stroke) on top and bottom.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”20″ size_format=”px”]Content and Guidelines:[/typography]

As long as it is related to cloth diapers your meme is fair game.  It should be funny, witty, or relevant- not mean.  I am totally ok with vulgarity or dark humor but with a purpose, not for the sake of being shocking.  I can see places where a dirty word would work, sure, so if you find it works in your meme then go for it.  We are adults here.  The best memes will relate to cloth diapers AND take on the tone of the meme/image it uses.  You can check out the cloth diaper memes by more more inspiration and look below for some ideas.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”20″ size_format=”px”]How to Enter:[/typography]

You will want to email your meme to me to be SURE I see it.  You can also post them now to my Facebook page, post to Instagram and tag me (Kim_Rosas), etc but be sure to mention that you are entering the Make a Cloth Diaper Meme contest on and use #CDMEME hashtag so I can find them.  Deadline to enter is Saturday, 12:00 am EST.  I must have them in hand by then.  Top 20, decided by a team of judges TBA, will be posted to Facebook by that Wednesday for voting and the public will have until the following Saturday, 12:00 am EST to vote.  The top 5 memes will win a prize!  You can submit multiple memes but only 1 per person will be allowed in the top 20.

So far Spray Pal, Smartbottoms, GroVia, and Maxwell Designs have signed on.  I just need one more sponsor and we’ll be golden! Not all prizes are open to Canadian residents, if it turns out more Canadians win than I have a prize for I will make something happen so let’s say this is open to both US/Canada.  I can’t guarantee a prize to international winners if one makes top 5 (but if it happens I will try), but if you are ok with the fame and not a prize you should enter too.


Here are some memes I made as inspiration.

jokermeme confessionbearmeme confusedfrymeme diaperstainmeme pepperidgememe sohotrightnowmeme suddenclaritymeme

And an example of one of my “homemade” memes featuring an image of my son.


By submitting an entry you are giving Dirty Diaper Laundry permission to repost, with credit to your name or website.  Good luck and have fun with this one!  I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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