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I have had the AMP Stay Dry All in One in my possession since November!  I was sent 2 to review but they were a size large.  At the time they were much too large for my son, so I put them in a drawer hoping he would grow into them soon.  Recently, I tried them on him again and they fit!  So we began reviewing them finally!  The AMP Stay Dry is a true AIO with no stuffing, no pockets, no nothing but diaper that is easy on and off.  I recently left them for a babysitter who had no problems putting them on my son.  I just didn’t clarify that he had to wear shorts with them.  When I came home she said she had to use another diaper because he kept taking the AMP off!  Toddlers and velcro with no pants just don’t mix!

Ease of Use ✰✰✰✰✰ It just doesn’t get any easier than this diaper.  The velcro tabs attach just like you would put a disposable on a baby.  When you take the diaper off there are no inserts to remove, all you need to remember to do is attach the laundry tabs.  When the diapers have been washed and dried, they go right back in the basket.

Bang for the Buck ✰✰✰✰ The price on the AMP Stay Dry is around 20.00 CA.  I had a hard time finding this product in a US store, but Canadians have a lot of choices when looking online.  You can find a list of retailers here.

Performance ✰✰✰✰ The AMP AIO is an awesome day tripping, around the house, babysitter, and daycare diaper.  I love having it in my diaper bag because I know where ever we are I can put it on my son in a snap.  Like yesterday, in the parking lot of a grocery store in the back seat of my car.  I love my snaps but with a son who is ready to run I have to change him quickly in certain places.  I can’t imagine any daycare refusing this diaper because it is too simple.  For nights on a toddler they need more absorbency, but there is no pocket so you need to add a doubler that can be placed against baby’s skin.  I am sure a small for a younger baby would hold up fine.  My son guzzles an entire sippy of milk right before bed, so yeah.  I also want to add that drying time isn’t that bad for an AIO.  It dries in one cycle.  And it dried out in the sun from soaking wet (well, after a spin) in less than a day.  My BG Organic AIO’s were still wet and the AMP was dry to give you perspective.

Fit ✰✰✰✰ The sizes go: Small fits aprox. 6-14lbs Med fits aprox. 12-22lbs Large fits aprox. 18-38lbs.  The small seems perfect for a newborn and lasts about 2 pounds larger than most X-smalls but still fits very early, at 6 pounds, versus 4 or so like some.  In reality, most newborns would fit into a small from birth.  My son didn’t fit into the Large until about 22 pounds, even though the beginning weight is 18, but he is built tall and skinny.  On their website they do note different body types will alter when a baby will fit into a diaper slightly, which was the case for us.  The legs could be a little tighter for us, so when he wets I noticed there is a tiny gap, but he still hasn’t had a leak in them with either number 1’s or 2’s.

Overall- I totally love this diaper for it’s simplicity and quality.  AMP diapers are quality products made in Canada, something they take pride in.  While it has no bells and whistles that is a good thing.  Not every parent wants a one size diaper, and not every daycare will accept pocket diapers or snap closures.  Isn’t it wonderful that we have a diaper out there to suit every need?

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