ABC Day 1

Day 1 in Vegas has been equally frustrating and awesome. We has a 6 am flight to Chicago. That didn’t go so well. There was so much fog that we couldn’t land and had to circle over lake michigan for over an hour. Missed my connecting and after some sniffles was able to be bumped up on the standby list. Baby and crying mom equal sympathy. We made it to Vegas and my luggage was there! I want to say that Fletcher was amazing. I took a shuttle to the hotel and after a shower and quick lunch we made it to ABC Kids Expo.

After spending 3 hours there I don’t even feel like I scratched the surface.

Now, what you have all been waiting for… What is the Econobum?
Here it is.
Snaps, one size cover that comes with a one size prefold. The prefold is divided in sections, it looks to be 12 squares. This is supposed to aid you in folding it down for smaller sizes. The cover only comes in white.
Price: 9.99 with one prefold and one cover. For less than 150 you can get enough of these to create a whole stash. They are made in Egypt.

What else did BG have up their sleeve?

Their second new item…
Flip is a multi purpose system. It is the same sizing as their other diapers, and it functions like an all in two. You can use it with one size micro fiber inserts that have a stay dry top layer. You can also use it with an organic cotton insert. And they also have a disposable insert you can purchase seperately. This cover comes in zinnia, moonbeam, and ribbit signature BG colors.

Cottonbabies has already put these items on their webpage so give it a look. I will tell you more about what I think of them soon. You will be able to buy them through CB late October. Retailers may not get the Flip until January.

I am also really excited about the new Beco carrier which will allow babies to face forward. They have some really good ideas on how to keep the baby and parent comfortable while holding your baby. Plus, their prints are fab!

Beco Gemini front facing and more
Beco Gemini front facing and more

The biggest highlight of the show so far was actually a new product by Kissaluvs. It won’t be out for a few months but I will ne reviewing it is the near future. I am really, really impressed with this diaper. When you finally get to see it you will say, “why didn’t I think of that?”

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