A toilet, a dresser, a mirror, and a clean garage walk into a bar…

When you can’t think of a title and you are exhausted from working around the house for weeks on end and entertaining guests for a week you just start talking gibberish.  I thought I would update everyone on the progress of the many projects we are juggling around the home.  This also explains why I’ve been quiet here on the blog and around the internet.  I’m only one person and just can’t keep up with posting every day while completing my work around the home and motherly

Most importantly- we have a working toilet in our guest bathroom!!!  The hubby and I worked frantically for over a week trying to finish our bathroom before guests arrived on the 23rd.  We had a lot to do in a week- finish hanging the drywall, fill the seams and sand, tile and grout the floors and shower, install a toilet, install the crown molding and baseboards, install the vanity and sinks, hang the mirror, etc.  From that long list we: hung the drywall (him), seamed (us), sanded (me), painted the walls (me), tiled the floor (me) and grouted (him), installed the toilet (us), and ordered supplies we needed like shower rods, toilet paper holder, wall stencil and art.

We were down to the wire and of course, the night our guests arrived, we realized we didn’t have the plumbing connection for the toilet.  DOH.  The next morning my Father-in-Law, the guest, went out and bought it and installed the thing himself.  The day was saved and even though they had to wash hands and shower somewhere else at least they had a running toilet for those middle of the night pee-pee trips.

Other than the bathroom, which now has to be finished by early November in time for more guests, we are working our way around the home doing more little projects.  A few weeks ago I found a gorgeous Bassett mid century dresser that I took home for only $63.00.  I didn’t even know where it was going but it was mine.  For now it has found a home in my bedroom after rearranging some dressers around and putting hubby’s in his closet.  It had some touching up to be done for some scratching and had a good wash in Murphy’s Oil Soap.

After a month of searching I also located a piece to hang proudly above my new credenza in my entryway.  This little gem was only $24.99 from Marshalls.  While it isn’t the most stunning, or largest, or even best that I could have purchased it was the best priced.  I’ve been gravitating towards sunburst mirrors upwards of $500.00.  I think this works for a lot less.  After I get a new rug (perhaps this one when the West Elm sale comes around in October…) the entryway will be complete.  (You can find the story behind the awesome chairs from an earlier post.)

The best thing about having the in-laws over this weekend was that my Father-in-Law is a workaholic like myself.  He can’t sit still.  Instead of vacationing he took it upon himself to help me wrangle and load all of the junk we needed to take to the dump.  We had a giant satellite dish that he also dug up from our yard, the water slide to the pool that was no longer working and preventing us from having home owner’s insurance, and lots of other odds and end the previous owners left.  After those things were gone he built the garage shelving and pretty much pimped my garage.  It was a hot mess and full to the brim but now we can get one out of two cars in.  The previous owners also left us at least a dozen cans of paint in their lovely shades of orange/yellow/brown.  He took those to a place that will accept them as well.  I feel so free!  Now there is a giant saw in the middle waiting to miter the crown molding and baseboards for the bathroom.

The thing about moving sporadically through the rooms is that no one room is complete.  I’m anxious to post a big reveal photo but as of yet there is nothing to reveal as a whole.  I’m just hoping the bathroom will be 100% complete and in working order before several families members come for Thanksgiving.  Once again the pressure is on to get this house presentable before then.

To end this random post here are a few cute pictures of the kiddos.  Everett will be 2 in 2.5 weeks and Fletcher is turning 4 in just 2 1/2 months.

Everett with his favorite toy, Optimus Prime

Fletcher's real smile, a rarity in photos

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