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A Peek Inside My Home- Before and After

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We purchased a home in need of a lot of TLC. It’s been months since we moved in and I just recently completed painting the home. Every. Single. Room. Me. Just me. I couldn’t stop until each room was painted because when we bought the home every room was some shade of orange or yellow. Not only was our home orange but it was a badly painted orange. Light switches were coated with paint, splatters were all over the windows, paint was even dripped on the marble under windows and floor! The laziness of whoever did that job still astounds me. What ever happened to pride of ownership and attention to details? I’m not a miracle worker. Many of their mistakes can’t be fixed but I’ve done my best to make this home as polished as possible without spending a fortune on contractors and professional painters. It’s the little things like replacing every electrical outlet and light switch, re-caulking trim work, patching holes, and of course the new paint.  My husband and I couldn’t be more proud of the work we have done and we make a great team.  Even though I did the painting he did the electrical, much of the bathroom gutting and remodeling, and most of the heavy lifting.

Before and After Rooms

Now it’s time to sit back and see what about $600 worth of paint and at least 100 hours of painting can accomplish. Keep in mind this is a work in progress. I’m still hoping to find the perfect mid century pieces to add to the home or to replace items I’m not in love with. Many of the items in the home were thrift finds (virtually all of the pieces in the Golden Girls room were). You can also find even more photos for each room if the room name is a link- just click it.

The Front Door, lights, and exterior



The Entryway





The Family Room






The Kitchen





The Master Bedroom




The Master Bathroom




The Front Room





The Office (formerly a dining room)





The Octopus Bathroom (our only full gut and remodel)



Everett’s Bedroom (serves as second guest too)




Fletcher’s Bedroom






The Golden Girls Guest Room






The Laundry Room



Just for fun, these are a few examples of the laziness of the previous owners (or contractors?) who painted and did “repairs” and some of the condition issues we faced. Many outlets were painted over and stuck to the walls, and there were dozens of holes left from feeding cables through the drywall for TV’s.


Despite all of the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into our home there are so many projects on my to-do list. Now I feel at home here and can’t imagine living anywhere else. The thought of moving in the future is far from my mind (unless we find a true mid century home!) because this house has so much of us in it. The biggest next step- landscaping! Oy! Can’t a girl get some rest?!

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  • Amy West

    You did such an awesome job with this. You are a makeover ma-chine! It looks fantastic!

  • LesaB

    You have done an amazing job! Great style, love how you have really made it your own, very classy yet still comfortable and family friendly!!

  • Team Shoemaker

    This looks AWESOME. We kind of like orange. Lol. But the neutrals look great in that house. Please please please can you email me and tell me where you got your EAT letters (or how you made them/out of) and also the rug in the octopus bathroom (ORANGE) and maybe your kitchen ones? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? Because I have no idea where to even look for these types of things, all we have is walmart and target and that’s useless pretty much, never see anything I like in store. * air kisses* We’re ready to paint our house (finally THREE years later) and need to decorate after that. It’s pathetic, but I need HELP!

  • Lala

    WOW! Want to come help me with my house?! haha

  • The Feminist Breeder

    I LOVE seeing pictures of other people’s houses. (Makes me crazy jealous because we live in a rental that I can’t fix up, but I still loooove seeing it.) Question, what is that green thing that one of the dining chairs sits on?

    • kimrosas

      It’s called a Kaboost. Super neat!

      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • mia

    amazing job! and I also want to say congrats on getting settled in and having your family back under 1 roof again.

  • Melanie Tevere

    Omg this looks amazing! Also can you please come and decorate my home?! Love your entire decor! House looks great!

  • Julie Boyce

    Thanks for sharing the before/after pics! You are so talented and everything looks great!!

  • A. Smith

    This is AMAZING! Some improvements were prettty hefty on their own, where others were quite simple, all coming together to form a beautiful home that looks lived in and welcoming :)

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