A “How to Enter DDL Giveaways” Tutorial

I know that not everyone understands how to compete each entry for some of my giveaways.  I decided that it would be a good idea to give a run down on how each entry works.  I hope this will be beneficial to those new to entering blog giveaways!

Since every giveaway I list has different entries, this is not a guide on what to enter, but an explanation on how to go about each entry.

Every giveaway will have a mandatory entry. If you do not leave a comment following the instructions of this entry, that entry and all subsequent entries will be deleted.  This is usually a question about the brand or store.

Extra entries:

Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect. Do you see the right hand side of my blog with tiny pictures of people?  This is google friend connect.  Simply click the “join this site” button which is above the members avatars.  Leave a comment telling me you are following.

Subscribe to my blog via a reader: Again, on the right hand side there is a link to subscribe to my blog using a reader, like Google Reader.  Subscribe and leave a comment.

Subscribe through email: the best way to keep up to date with DDL is having my posts emailed directly to you!  This is especially great for knowing about the latest giveaways.  To do this, enter your email address in the space provided on the right hand side of my site. You will need to confirm your subscription by clicking a link sent to your email.   Leave a comment telling me you did this.

friend copy

Follow my twitter and tweet the giveaway: To follow my twitter, go to www.twitter.com/KimRosas and click “follow” under my name.  Then tweet the giveaway by copying the tweet I suggested.  Ex. “Win #clothdiapers from _________.  RT @KimRosas. www.tiny.cc/gshai Then I need you to copy your status URL and paste it.  To do this, after you have tweeted your last tweet will show underneath the typing window.  Click the “5 seconds ago” or  “1 minute ago” etc.  It will take you to a URL with only that tweet showing.  Copy the URL and paste it in the comment.


Follow _________’s Twitter. To follow the company or store’s twitter that I have posted, click the link provided and click “follow” under their name.

Follow ________’s Newsletter: If a company is asking that you follow their newsletter, visit the link to their website and sign up.  If you are having trouble finding where to sign up, please contact me at dirtydiaperlaundry at gmail dot com.

Fav this blog on Technorati: to fav a blog on technorati you must be a registered member.  You can either sign up or login.  Then go to http://technorati.com/blogs/dirtydiaperlaundry.com and click the “fav this” button, which has a heart.  Leave a comment saying you did this along with your Technorati username.

Post to facebook: On each of my posts you will notice at the end there is a button called “Share this”  You can use this to share a specific post on facebook.  Click the Share on facebook link.  You will be directed to your own facebook page.  A small clip of my post will show along with a photo.  You can scroll through the photos to show one from the post or show my logo.  Either are acceptable.  You can also type in the text box a message to your friends like, “Enter this giveaway” etc.  Then, leave a link to your profile or leave your facebook name.  There is no way around this, if you don’t want to post your FB name or profile link, do not do this entry.

addtoany copy


Blog about this giveaway: You can blog about the giveaway and post a link in your comment to the specific post.  You need to share the title of the product, a link to the giveaway post, and a brief description of the item.  I would prefer for you to include the dates of the giveaway as well.

Post my button on your blog: There is a “grab my button” on the right hand side.  Copy and paste the html into your blog where it is visible.  It doesn’t need to be on top, it can be anywhere you like on your main page.  By having my button on your blog you will always be able to get an extra entry to all of my giveaways.  Make sure you post a comment with a link to your main blog page.

howbutton copy

Others: not every giveaway has the same entry requirements.  Please please read the entry requirements carefully.  I have tried to email people who make a mistake when entering, but as my giveaways have started getting more and more comments this is hard to do.  It is up to you to make sure you enter correctly.  I do read the comments and approve them manually.

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