A Final Cloth Diaper Stash Tour- End of an Era


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Part 2.
I haven’t packed anything away yet.  It just feels too soon… I know Everett is potty trained and has done an amazing job at getting to a diaper-free point so quickly.  In fact, it was so quick that I feel like I’ve been transported to this spot.  The transition was lightning fast.  One day- diapers.  Next day- none.  When I potty trained my first son I had a new baby in diapers so the diapers kept being used, just not by the older one.

They won’t stay there forever.  I promise.  I just don’t have the heart to move them from their home.  It feels so permanent.  It isn’t that I’m attached to the diapers themselves, even though I do love cloth diapering and what it has done for me on a personal and professional level.  It is what it signifies.  My son is not a baby anymore.  We still have our time together nursing and I’m in no rush to wean him yet because he enjoys that cuddle time, as do I.  When that is over I might need a mini-break-down, sobbing in the bathroom, full on crying session.

As for what will happen for the rest of my diapers?  I don’t know yet.  I still have many diapers left to donate to Giving Diapers, Giving Hope once they re-open for national shipping.  I will continue to have a steady stream of diapers to donate to their organization since every diaper sent for me to film for a review gets donated.  I want to keep several of my diapers for sentimental reasons.  I regret not keeping any of Everett’s newborn diapers- I shipped every single one to a friend who was pregnant.  We agreed she would pass them on to another friend when done, and another, and another.  I believe Everett’s newborn stash has diapered at least 5 other babies last I heard.  Everett loves his Zelda diaper so I think that one is staying for sure.  I don’t think another baby is in the cards, despite how many times Fletcher has asked for us to have “3 kids,” so saving them all isn’t in my plan.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this little look at my stash and how I store my cloth diapers.  I get asked often about what diapers I choose to use considering how many diapers have come into my home.  I have my favorites and my loyalties, now you can see exactly what I loved and used on a day to day basis.

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  • Renea Pike

    Totally not stupid to be emotional! you’ve made a whole online community because of cloth diapers, it’s like the end of an era! Great video, by the way.

  • Janice of MommaWords

    Loved the video Kim! It is totally bittersweet to have our babies grow out of cloth diapers when you work with cloth. I’m still kinda sad about it and my twins have been out of diapers for over 4 months. Hugs!

  • BoiseFamily

    Kim your feelings are not silly or stupid. Cloth diapering has become a passion for you. Please remember that even though you and your husband are happy with your two beautiful children, a chunk of time may go by and you may feel called to have another. If that happens, think of how happy you will be to try out new to you items that cam out after Ev stopped using diapers. If that doesn’t happen you can take comfort in knowing that you have helped many people make decisions regarding cloth diapering. =)

    • kimrosas

      I know to most people reading my blog they “get” it and I’m glad. Any other random person who sees the video on YouTube, or even people I know in person would have a hard time getting what cloth diapers have meant/do mean to me. Thank you!

      • BoiseFamily

        You’re welcome. Maybe you need to put a disclaimer in your YouTube description for this video. 😉

      • kimrosas

        It is rare anyone comes to a video and says something bad. Not on the cloth diaper ones at least…

      • BoiseFamily

        I was joking about adding the disclaimer about your being emotional at the end of the stash tour.

  • Yarelis

    Kim, I can relate. I cloth diapered my two boys (now 6 and 4) and was so sad when I packed them all away. I saved them just in case; I just couldn’t part with them! Now, years later, I get to use them again on my baby girl! Of course, I HAD to buy some new girlie covers for her. Yeah for fluffy mail!

  • Aurora

    I want your stash! hahaha. Maybe you can give some in giveaways, donate some and sell some. That way you can get some money back and make happy some otherst!!

  • Lisa

    Hi Kim, Sammy is not far behind in potty training. I find myself getting emotional as well from time to time of the thought of not having a baby in cloth (after 4 babies). Thank you for sharing your feelings…it was so validating. I’m already dreading the thought of one day putting them away and maybe one day getting rid of them. Some of the diapers I have are from 13 years ago now.

  • Jill

    2 ?s/comments. 1. you put your pail liner in the opposite way I do. Is there a reason for that? We always assumed you put the PUL to the inside as a wet barrier. almost 5 years later I see that you are doing reverse.

    also you showed the cute diaper with the raccoon, what brand is that? thanks jill.shoemaker @ gmail.com

    • kimrosas

      I do that interchangeably… i used to pay attention and make sure PUL was inside but it has never seemed to make a difference. The raccoon diaper is from Poppy Fields 🙂

      • Jill


  • Maya

    wow I must have a heart of stone! I love love love our cloth diaper stash but I will equally love love love when we can pass it on to a babe in need. We travel A LOT so being out of diapers will be wonderful. I also do not cry or get emotional about weaning, and milestones in general. I tell my youngest (15 months) everyday not to grow anymore but truthfully I say good bye to one stage and enthusiastically greet the new one. Diapers out, Little League in. They all are so fun in their own way. Each age, each stage, each new experience. I guess I am not the coddling, attachment mother type. I love them close now and enjoy each day but I think I will equally love to see them fly on their own someday.
    You are not silly or stupid to feel emotional though, it’s your children! We all get emotional about our kids, as we should be, just different things I guess. My oldest two years ago visited my homeland for the first time and upon trying the most amazing bread I ate everyday as child growing up from the same bakery he said “Mommy this is the best bread ever! I could eat it all day!” Completely unprompted, I did not mention what this bread meant to me, it just so happened that my mom packed a sandwich for him. You should have seen the waterworks then!

  • Shalaina S

    I can completely appreciate where you are coming from. This is baby #3 for us and probably our last. This is going to be our first time cloth diapering however, so I’m sure when he is out of them it will be a slight shock to my mommy system.

  • kate

    Hi Kim,

    I was watching your video and saw that you said you mainly use prefolds and covers for night. I was wondering what your reasoning is for using prefolds rather than fitteds like the sloomb snapless multi or the Orange Diaper Co. fitteds under covers? Sorry if you’ve posted on this topic before, but I can’t seem to find anything on DDL about it. I’m looking into nighttime options and if prefolds really work well they would be a much less expensive (thought not nearly as adorable) option…

    Thanks for all the info – you’ve been such a great help to me over the years!