A Day in the Life…. Tuesday June 30

This is a picture journey of my entire day.  It began before 6:30 am!  I was flying from Syracuse to Charlotte that day and had a lot to do!  I began stripping my diapers the night before.  My son had to sleep in a sposie overnight (my last one thankfully) and began the day in a G Diaper.  I have an aversion to bringing dirty diapers with me from home to a destination.  I don’t mind traveling with cloth though.  So I used flushies the entire day until I got to Charlotte.  To strip my diapers I went up and down 2 flights of stairs 12 times that day!!!  I even had to carry my son in the laundry basket.   I think this is why I have lost my baby weight.  There is a picture of my tummy, which shows what my baby did to me.  You will also see the explosion of poop that happened in our G Diaper, which derailed my plans.  I had already washed diapers but had to wash this one diaper!

I had a slow day of packing but got it all done.  My flight left at 7:10 pm.  Fletcher and I used my ergo and the backpack to be completely hands free in the airport.  It was a godsend.  We had a non stop flight also!  He behaved very well, sleeping for 45 minutes and then playing the rest of the flight.  I was met at baggage claim by my in-laws (a surprise… I thought they would just drive up to pick me up.  It was very cool!)  We arrived at their house and I put on the GadBaby diaper to try for the first time.

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