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OsoCozy Stay Dry Prefolds Video and Review

This post may contain affiliate links. I don’t often review or video prefolds because, well, ummm…. they aren’t that exciting. “Hello look at this rectangle of cotton. It soaks up pee.” And even though the OsoCozy Stay Dry Prefolds aren’t sporting any crazy bells or whistles the simple additions of a stay dry lining and […]

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Geffen Baby Prefolds Video and Review

This post may contain affiliate links. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a video cloth diaper review.  Most of you are aware of our home renovation situation and recent move so I hope you are bearing with us during this transition.  Today I have a video and review of the Geffen Baby prefolds. […]

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Fluffy Mail!!! Prefolds for me!

This post may contain affiliate links. While I was on vacation I had USPS hold my mail.  This meant on the day of my return I would find a mailbox stuffed with glorious fluff!  This edition of fluffy mail features prefolds!  I purchased theese from FSOT from another mom on Justmommies.  I got 2 Organic […]

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No Ragrets Cloth Diapering- What Would You Do Differently Today?

This post may contain affiliate links. Having cloth diapered for a total of 4+ years with two children it’s to be expected that I learned from mistakes and sometimes even regretted a decision or two.  I asked DDL readers on my Facebook page the question “What is something you would do differently when it comes […]

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Early Hybrid Cloth Diaper 1950's

Playtex Dryper- World’s First Hybrid Diaper 1950′s {History of Cloth Diapers}

This post may contain affiliate links.   The hybrid diaper system- a diaper that has a washable cover and can be used with washable or disposable inserts- really gained popularity with the gDiapers system that began being sold in 2004 (gDiapers was based on a Tasmanian based brand founded in 1990 called Eenee so it […]

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2009 Stash Shot- Let’s Revisit!

This post may contain affiliate links. I started cloth diapering way back in 2008… at this point that seems like an eternity ago.  I was using diapers then that in some cases no longer exist, or the earlier forms of those brands that we know today.  My stash started out very humble because we were […]

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The 6 Kinds of Cloth Diaper Stash Shots

This post may contain affiliate links.  The stash shot has been around a long time.. I even have one from way back in 2008!  But as social media and cloth diapering have gained in popularity and our outlets are more visual you see them everywhere.  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, maybe even Ello.  I would check […]

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Bummis Duo-Brite Package Giveaway! {9/29}

This post may contain affiliate links. Since we recently reviewed the Bummis Duo-Brite system we thought it would be a great idea to run a giveaway with it!  Lara gave the Duo-Brite very high marks and it scored well all around.  Make surey ou view her review and the video demonstration of the Bummis Duo-Brite. […]

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Bummis Duo-Brite All in Two Diaper Video and Review

This post may contain affiliate links. Harper loves to color, it’s one of the only activities where I can give her complete autonomy and she’ll be happy and involved long enough for me to wash the dishes. She seems to prefer blank paper to coloring books, but for convenience we keep a few books on […]

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Natural Parenting Scavenger Hunt Sept 7-10. Enter at home to win 1 of 3 Prizes Worth $500!

This post may contain affiliate links. While I’m discovering the newest products in the baby industry at ABC Kids Expo I’m also going to be hosting a Scavenger Hunt for Retailers/Media attending along with Super Undies.  Players will be collecting stamps on a sheet from over 20 booths and will win one of 3 prize […]

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