6 Cloth Diapers That Will Convert Any Skeptic (Because they are adorable!)

grateful Dead cloth diaper

When considering switching to cloth diapers there are several factors at play: environmental concerns, financial savings, non-toxic materials, and of course, the cute factor!

I’m sharing photos and links to some of the most adorable cloth diapers that will make even the most die-hard paper diaper user rethink their decision just so that they get to use one of these!  Warning:  Hide your Paypal account!

Ruffles, Patterns, and Prints- Oh My!

brookiellen cloth diaper

This sweet as pie cloth diaper cover is a custom creation.  You can order your own from BrookiEllen Designs on Etsy!  

Hard to find but worth the wait!
Ragababe cloth diapers

Ragababe Easy All-in-Ones are stylish, trim, and absorbent! They are HTF (hard to find in diaper speak) but so worth it!  Get the stocking schedule on Ragababe’s Facebook Page.

Modern, clean, and smart!
bumgenius prints

Lovelace, the pretty, swirly, trendy print from bumGenius, is a favorite of mine. Get them at Kelly’s Closet.

Custom, Squishy, Handmade Goodness.

grateful Dead cloth diaper

You won’t be finding this beauty in stock (it was a custom creation) but look for equally amazing diapers sewn with superb craftsmanship by Orange Diaper Co.

Argyle- Because babies play golf?

thirsties duo wrap argyle

This just released print is clean and fun, plus these are available at most cloth diaper retailers and affordable! (Kelly’s Closet)

Summer fun in Fuzzibunz.

fuzzibunz new prints

Another new set of limited edition prints from Fuzzibunz that are bright, cheery, and fun!  Also found at Kelly’s Closet.

So you see how adorable modern cloth diapers have become?  These diapers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cute!  And newborn cloth diapers are even more adorable.  You can peruse cloth diapers for fun on my database, Cloth Diaper Finder, to find even more WAHM cloth diapers or Prints.

Some links included in this post are to my affiliate partner, Kelly’s Closet, and I will receive a small percentage of any sales, so thank you!

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  • Love this. The new prints are just killing me. I got my new FB whale print yesterday (hooray! hooray! — gotta plan the outfit to go with it today), and I’m dying for the new thirsties argyle (hello?!? argyle?!?) and the BG Albert (and I don’t even like BG). Except that with the white tabs, the Albert totally looks like a tuxedo. Or a penguin. Which is a little weird. Maybe I should go with a penguin shirt and play it up that way? 

    But that Orange Diaper picture? O.M.G. Seriously, hide my paypal! 

    Also, I just discovered Green Acres’ embroidered diapers. Stop me now. Yesterday my baby wore a gorgeous red diaper with an EMBROIDERED PANDA on the butt. I’m gonna take him to the zoo and get pics of him with that diaper in front of the pandas. I wish I were kidding but I’m totally not. 

    Issues? No, I don’t have issues. Sheesh. 

  • I need that Grateful Dead Diaper Like NOW. lol…

  • I seriously wanted to throw up when I saw a friend post a pic of her son (who is completely adorable) in his limited edition olympics disposable diaper.  She was raving about how cute it was…um, no. I kept my mouth shut.

  • Brooke Harlan

    Thank you SO much for the mention!!!  🙂