5th Annual Flats Challenge Blogging Prompts

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The wonderful thing about the Flats Challenge is that it brings the cloth diapering community together so that we all learn from those who are documenting their journey.  Even those who don’t own a blog can answer the prompts in our Flats and Handwashing group on Facebook.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the event or would like to sign up find more details here: Sign Up and Rules

right click and "save image as"
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The following list is for the Flats Challenge blogging prompts. For bloggers participating you will need to make sure to link the Sign-Up page with rules for your readers and briefly explain what the event is (in your words) and what it means to you and add your own images to each post.

Day 1 (May 11)- Why I’m Taking the Flats and Handwashing Challenge

Day 2 (May 12)- Show Us Your Stash!  Talk about supplies and give us a breakdown of the total cost, including the things you are using that you owned prior.

Day 3 (May 13)- Open Topic (Good ideas: Overnight solutions on a budget and/or that are good for handwashing, flats and daycare or careproviders, unexpected challenges, etc)

Day 4 (May 14)- Out And About!  How do you travel with flats on errands?

Day 5 (May 15)- Wash Routine- Tell us what’s working and what isn’t.

Day 6 (May 16)- Flat Style!  Folding methods and closure, share your favorites.

Day 7 (May 17)- Final Thoughts- How was this experience for you, what have you learned, and what will you do with your new knowledge?

Are you a blogger taking the challenge? Leave your URL here! This linky will be present to link each day’s blog entry for the 7 day challenge.

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