41.5 Weeks of Pregnancy, Week by Week

This pregnancy I decided to take more belly pictures since I took virtually none the first time around.  I managed to remember almost every single week unless we were out of town. The first photo I took I had my hair towel in, and was in underwear.  That sort of became the trend to keep it consistent.  The quality of the photos in’t that great since I used my iPhone.  This was probably my last pregnancy so I am glad I will have a special way to remember it.

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  • That is ADORABLE!!! And a great little video to show little man when he is bigger!!!

  • Deidrea

    Kim!!!! I LOVE this 😉 Such a great memory of your pregnancy!!!

  • love it!

  • Love the slideshow! I took a weekly(ish) photo during my pregnancy with my son since I only have two awful photos of my pregnant with my daughter! Mine were just maternity shirt pics though!

  • Meg

    What a beautiful video! Your belly is beautiful, and I love the little man in your arms at the end.

  • Tiffany

    What a great idea! Love it! You looked great your entire pregnancy…and your little guy is gorgeous!

  • Lori

    Great, thanks for sharing! You can really see how you dropped that last week. I took a picture each week also and made it into a book from Shutterfly. In the book I also included a photo of my daughter at a day old, a snapshot of her stats card that was attached to the bassinet in the hospital and then a picture of my husband with her and myself with her on the last pages. I titled it “Before You Were Born” and hope she enjoys looking at the pictures when she’s a little older.

  • Kara F

    I love it!!!

  • That was really neat! How great that you will always have that to look back on.