4 Years of DDL- 100 Load Box of Eco Nuts Giveaway {Ends 4/21}

This 4 Years of DDL Giveaway week isn’t over yet! You have heard of Eco Nuts right? Of course you have! They are the soap nut company that made it to Shark Tank a few months back. These wrinkly little berries have soap in them! You put them in a drawstring bag and can wash anything, including your cloth diapers and regular laundry. The best part is that they are great for people with sensitive skin.

I’ve been able to use Eco Nuts with my diapers and was pretty shocked to learn that this very strange method would really work! It is totally unique, a little kooky, and kinda fun too. Did I mention that Mona, the founder of Eco Nuts, is kind of awesome?! Well- she is! She is one of the many people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in my blog related travels.

Go ahead and enter to see what the fuss about Eco Nuts is about! Their website is completely stocked with answers to the many questions you might have too-

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  • Maegan Delorme

    would love to try the
    Certified Organic Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray

  • April M

    I’d like to try one of their natural cleaning sets

  • Desi_redux

    The medium soap nuts box looks good–just 10 bucks for 100 loads? Sounds pretty great considering every other place I’ve looked at sells soapnuts at much higher prices

  • I really want to try the soap nuts