3 Common Sense Tips for Handling Diaper Explosions

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Diaper explosions are, for the uninitiated, when a poop (typically one from a newborn or a baby with a sick stomach) escapes the diaper and most often goes up the back and into the onesie area.  With a little common sense and a lot less waste, than tips often offered by mainstream parenting blogs.

My tip for avoiding diaper explosions?  Use cloth diapers with elastic at the back.

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It works almost every time.  I even have a graphic photo as evidence where the elastic was all that came between my son’s disgusting, wet, mucousy poop and his clothing.    Don’t even think of using the blow-out blocker…. oy.  You can view three minutes of Earth shattering advice on the Today Parents website.  

My second tip refers to getting peed on between changes.  You may have been told to buy the buy Pee-Pee Tee-Pees (which are pointless purchases new parents are told to make because it is a funny thing to say and, surprise, they might actually buy them because they’ve never had kids.  My tip: after you remove the dirty diaper take either a cloth wipe (best choice because it is absorbent and won’t be missed if peed on) or lay your clean diaper over the top to catch that pee.  For girls it is a bit trickier but having a waterproof and reusable changing pad lined with PUL and cotton on top is a way to protect your changing pad cover.  Having two or three is a bonus.  Today Parents said to use doggy pee pads (really?)

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My last tip is for those toddlers who love removing their diapers.  Other awful tips include using colorful duct tape (WHAT?) Once again, cloth diapers can be the answer to this in and of themselves.  My tip?  Use cloth diapers with hard to open (for a baby) snaps; it is usually enough to keep the diaper on and the mess inside.  If you have a particularly dextrous toddler or maybe one dead set on mischief, putting the diaper on backwards should do the trick.  If Houdini figures that one out I would buy them “Baby’s First Magic Set” and start training them as an escape artist.  The website Today Parents told their audience to use colorful duct tape (as if the rainbow colors make this any more palatable for anyone involved.)  Just.  No.

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Cloth diapering can make life a lot easier (believe it or not) and the prevention of blow-outs is just one of their many benefits.  Plus, look at the cute diaper in these pictures!  It is a retired Fuzzibunz limited summer print (sorry no longer available).

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  • Anna

    The only way to keep my 16m.o. diaper on is to keep shorts or pants on him….even at that he has managed to get it off during nap time. Good thing I have a mattress protector on his bed, wood floors, and have nothing else in pee shot range. Hahaha! He has even taken his cover, prefolds with snappi off and still had his cloths on! Houdini for sure!

    • kimrosas

      Get him started in a baby sized straight jacket! He’ll be the coolest kid at the talent show!

  • Sarah

    My children take duct tape as a personal challenge! 12 month old has Velcro and snaps down. Only a onsie or shorts do the trick anymore.

  • Mama Mar

    I’ve used painters tape on twins in sposies. That really was the only thing to keep those things on in the hot summer days. This time I always have to have a onesie on my son, otherwise he starts fiddling with his diaper right away. Even the snaps aren’t enough to deter him.

    I totally agree with your advice on protective, reusable changing pad protectors.puppy pads? Really? Steal them from the hospital? Wtf?! I’m outraged at their advice.

    And teepee thingys… yeah, at least they offered some “reusable” option in their advice. I’m surprised it wasn’t duct tape for that one, too. In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure my son would have been capable of sending that thing up I’m the air with his powerful stream of urine. Washcloth or a wipe does so much better!

  • Jamie U.

    I’ve had more leaks in disposables, but more blow-outs in reusable diapers. It mostly happened before my baby stated eating solids and the poop was runny, and it had to be in the car seat. It didn’t matter how snug that elastic was, the compression in the car seat thwarted it. It never happened with a disposable and the car seat, though. My best guess is that the ‘sposies were worn a lot less often and, thus, the odds were in their favor.

    My point, and I think the point of the article that was linked, was that accidents happen and are sometimes unpreventable. The best thing to do is to prepare for them by bringing extra clothes and a good sense of humor.

    • kimrosas

      A change of clothes is always a good idea with cloth or disposables. I just hope hospitals are ready for sticky fingered parents hoping to cram as many pee pads in their bags as possible. Lol
      Please excuse typos and brevity. Sent from my iPhone

  • Kikibicky

    Today was the first day my LO wore cloth diapers( one size pocket alva baby), however it seemed to be hit in miss with the leaks. Would we be able to video chat so you could tell me if I’m doing this correct?