2nd Annual Flats Challenge: The “Jo” Fold Tutorial in Pictures and Video

I’m excited to introduce you to a fold I just recently learned about thanks to an awesome reader, Trisha W.  She sent the link over and I immediately knew it was going to become my new “go-to” for the 2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge!

The original tutorial with photos can be found here on Pepper Place.  She has a perfectly square terry flat so her fold looks very neat compared to my handwashed, skewed, less than square flats.  Not having a square flat did give me a chance to show how you can “square-up” a flat by folding in one side to create the square.  You can also size the flat down to better fit smaller babies since with a 30×30 flat this fold is gigantic.  To size the flat down fold in two sides to the size you need, then complete the fold.

The Jo Fold for flats essentially makes your flat into a prefold, which you would then perform the “Angel Wing” fold- my personal favorite way to use prefolds.

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