2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 6: Going Out, Babysitters, and Husbands

flat cloth diaper- diaper bag foldWe are coming to the homestretch of the 2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge and have made it to Day 6.  I’ve been blogging my experiences all week alongside 50-80 other blogs a day.  You’ll find other blogs linked at the end of this post.  Today is an “open assignment” day meaning all the bloggers weren’t given a topic so you’ll find all kinds of subjects being covered.

For my post today I want to explain how we use flats and make them fit an active and normal day with 2 kids.  I’m not just sticking to the house for fear of having to change my son’s diaper in public nor am I never leaving my kids because I’m afraid other people won’t be able to figure them out.

The Diaper Bag-

So far since the Flats and Handwashing Challenge began I’ve gone out pretty much every day.  The first time I was heading out I had to remind myself to switch out the diapers in my diaper bag since I’m usually pre-packed with All-in-Ones.  I decided to pre-stuff a cover with a pad folded flat and included an extra flat.  When it came time to change Ev I just grabbed that diaper as if it were an All-in-One and put it on him, throwing the dirty flat and cover into the wet bag.

For a wet bag I used a very small bag that only fits about 3-4 diapers and it is all polyester instead of having a cotton knit print like many brands.  This was the best option for handwashing and drying.

I can’t imagine it being any harder than an All-in-Two system as long as the flats and pad folded flats are packed up.  In my case it was as easy as an All-in-One because I had a cover ready to go.


As luck would have it the Flats Challenge falls over Memorial Day Weekend again.  My husband, who is living in Florida already, was able to come and visit.  I am planning a date night for us and this will mean that a responsible 18 year old will be in charge.  She is fine with our cloth diapers so for the night I’ll make sure I have my covers clean enough that I can have 2 spare all lined up and set with a pad folded flat.  Last year during the first Flats Challenge I had a regular babysitter come over on her usual day.  I did the same for her and she had no problems.


I have to say that my husband isn’t exactly gung-ho about the Flats Challenge, or cloth diapers in general.  He was a hard man to convince in the first place so this is definitely out of his comfort zone.  Last year he participated with the pad fold flats only.  He never fastened a flat onto Everett.  This year since he is here for the last 2 days and I expect the same level of participation.  I didn’t and won’t be asking him to wash any flats.  If this were the reality of our life then I would expect his full participation but that isn’t the case.


I can’t wait to hear what the other bloggers have to discuss today!

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  • Vixthemom

    I used flats for 2.5 years straight on two in diapers. I had about a dozen covers each and kept them stocked with padfolded flats. My 9yo and my husband and nursery workers and my 17 year old baby sitter all handled them with no problem what so ever! Flats are the cheapest A12 ever. 😉

  • Katherine

    I am at work today so my husband is having to take on diaper duty. I “prefolded” 4 flat diapers in the origami fold for him and showed him how to put them on with a snappi. He wasn’t too thrilled but he knows this is important to me so he’ll make do. Other than today he has been my laundry ringer…he is a carpenter so his hands can take the beating of really ringing them out. This means no blisters for me, he’s awesome!

  • Rachel Marie

    Wow. Let me just stop to say that because I never imagined having a partner that wouldn’t help me in any decision we made with our children.  My husband wasn’t at first but is now just enthusiastic about cloth diapers as I am.  Really, I think that if you can come to the decision to use cloth diapers as a couple then both parties should be prepared to handle the responsibility equally.  

    Anyways, as for going out of the house,  even before the challenge we used primarily flats because of the versatility and cost effective-ness.  Usually I just fold the diapers in the fold I want to use for the day (i.e origami, jo fold, etc) and put them in the pockets of my diaper bag.  This really just makes diapers a two step process vs. a one step.