13 Inspired Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas

Cloth Diaper Storage is one of the most exciting parts of planning a nursery!  You don’t need to invest a lot of money to create a beautiful set-up.   You can choose to organize your diapers by color, group your prints by theme, or organize by daytime and nighttime diapers or style!  Whatever you choose there are lots of ideas to inspire you thanks to DDL readers who have shared their photos for this post.

Beautiful nursery with cloth diapers on the wall

Using wooden crate style boxes on the wall Randi has made cloth diapers a part of the room’s decor!  It’s easy thanks to the gorgeous tones and colors in her stash of mostly GroVia diapers.   The empty, painted frames over the crib and a white French Provincial style dresser with a changing pad are a perfect pair.

Space saving cloth diaper storageSaving space can be a big concern in your nursery.  Sunny, a big fan of AppleCheeks cloth diapers, uses WayBasic cubes– lightweight and eco-friendly storage cubes- for all of her cloth diapers, wet bags, and wipes.  They offer several colors for a bright, cheery POP, or you can use all white.  Sunny is on IG as @msmcclurg.

ikeacartforclothNot gonna lie, when I started planning this post I knew I had to find an example of the Ikea cart, RÅSKOG, as a storage solution for cloth diapers.  It’s perfect for holding a full stash of diapers and accessories.  In the end I wound up buying one!  I paired it with a $1 metal bucket found in the dollar aisle of Target that holds a spray bottle for wipes and several cloth wipes too.  With three levels you can organize by style of diaper OR set aside one level just for your overnight diapers.  I tucked a changing pad in the bottom and have pulled it out to use on the rug (for a baby I’ve been watching) which makes this a perfect storage solution for those with little space to spare.  You can also wheel all your supplies into your room for overnight if baby rooms in.


To customize the cart just for cloth diapers I created a #makeclothmainstream vinyl decal and cut it using my Silhouette machine.

Numbered rustic storage for cloth diapers from Target


Ariel is a girl after my own heart! Her eclectic taste is diapers can be displayed proudly using a rustic/industrial inspired wall mounting storage container she found at Target. It has a lot of character and holds a good amount of diapers too!  PS- the world wants to know if that is a bacon print diaper in slot 6 between the Martin and Louis!  Shelf was $50 at Target.

Ikea for cloth diaper storage

Ikea is good to us! Katrina Lang uses an Expedit 4×2 shelf with wooden crates and wicker baskets for diaper storage. The shelf doubles as a changing table once you add a pad on the top. For those with a large stash this system works great and holds a ton of diapers!

Toy Story inspired nursery with custom shelving for cloth diapers
STAHP IT! A Toy Story inspired nursery! Ashley Wade has an awesome set up and her husband custom built the shelving for their storage needs! Impressive! They also use the drawers beneath for additional diapering supplies though there are plenty within reach for easy access right above the changing table.

Use a shoe organizer for cloth diaper storage

Now this is creative, space saving, and CHEAP! (I found a few 24 pocket versions from $8-12 on Amazon)  Natalie Holladay (another huge fan of AppleCheeks!) uses an over the door shoe organizer for her cloth diapers.  “The changing station is in my room, so it has to be efficient and attractive.” she says.  In case you’re wondering, she has fit 48 STUFFED pockets  (they’re doubled up).  Fantastic idea and so pretty to look at!  She’s @JustGnatty on IG!

Storage cubes for a large stash of cloth diapers

For the family with a larger stash Anna T Parido has found the solution! Above the changing table are hung several closetmaid mini cubes and inside each and every one is a Lalabye Baby diaper. Baby is not included with this storage system!

Cloth diaper storage for twins!

Here is a smart set-up by Kerstin McFeely for her twins.  She has also used the Ikea RÅSKOG for her diapers.  If I’m not mistaken the furniture with wicket baskets and drawers is also Ikea as are the little shelves with toys and books on the upper left.  A large 3 tiered basket holds miscellaneous items and a changing pad rests on the top of the dresser for now and can be removed later when no longer needed.

Cheap and effective storage for cloth diapers

A favorite of mine and one that will serve a good purpose without requiring any sort of installation or large investment is a set of plastic drawers that can tuck away in the corner or in a closet.  A 3 drawer set from Sterlite is all you need for a medium or small sized stash.  You can organize as you choose!  Devery has her Best Bottom inserts ready to plug in right up top for easy access.

Toy organizer for cloth diapers

Repurpose or purchase a toy storage unit for diapers!  A practical and attractice solution from Leslie!  She has her prefolds trifolded and filed away along with other baskets of covers or one piece diapers.  It fits in a closet and you can keep the door closed to prevent helpful babies from “unfiling” all the diapers at their leisure.

Refinished Armoire for cloth diaper storage

Heather refinished a beautiful and ornate armoire and made it her diaper changing station!  A new coat of paint, a changing pad inside, and voila!  She’s just building her stash but the drawers will be full soon enough.

Brilliant custom cloth diaper storage


Bringing it home is the image that was partially responsible for inspiring this post, first featured in the 6 Kinds of Diaper Stash Shots post.  Brittany Osia said that her husband custom built the shelves for her diapers.  I love this look and the horizontal diaper lines in bright colors!

Inspired yet?  There are a million ways you can organize your cloth diapers!  If you have a great idea share it in the comments or share a photo on Instagram and tag @Kim_Rosas, I’d love to see!  When considering your storage idea always keep safety in mind.  For large/tall dressers, armoires, and other furniture pieces that may tip over be sure to buy and install anti-tip wall straps to keep your children safe.  Store small pieces like Snappi’s and diaper pins out of baby’s reach.  Happy Decorating!

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