10 Pro-Tips for Menstrual Cup Users {Video}

Most posts or videos about menstrual cups aim to answer questions like “what are the benefits of menstrual cups?” and “how often should I change it?” but who is brave enough to answer the “Will the menstrual cup slip down while I poop?” and  “what if I can’t get it in, can I use lube?” questions.

Menstrual cup pro-tip

Well- I’m answering those and 8 other commonly asked questions about menstrual cups in the form of some Pro-Tips I’ve picked up from my experience so far with the cup.  My favorite tip is “Use a handicapped stall if you need to empty your cup when in public” because it seems obvious but some people might forget that most stalls have sinks in them!

The video is short and to the point- even if you’ve been using the cup for years you might learn something- and if you’re a first time user or just started with the cup you don’t want to miss out on these tips!


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